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• Things have been slow guys, but we're picking up. Check out new issues of Del Sol Review, 5Trope.Com and Double Room ... Only the best from Web del Sol. Better late than mediocre.

Poetry From Mudlark
Editor William Slaughter continues to produce a quality literary journal. His motto: Never in, Never Out of Print. Since 1995, Mudlark has been a model for other poetry journals. Read More

The New Double Room - Back Again and Loaded

Chief Editor: Mark Tursi
Notable Feature: Walt Whitman Published by DR

Once again, after a bit of a hiatus, we are pleased to present Double Room Issue #9. I remain committed to publishing great prose poetry, short fiction, reviews, art work, interviews chapbooks and more, even if on a bit of an inconsistent and irregular basis. We appreciate the support and interest of our many readers and will continue to publish issues when possible. This current issue is guest edited by Tan Lin. Tan Lin is the author of numerous works of poetry, fiction, and, perhaps most significantly, work that dismantles or 'explodes' genre categories. ... more

"Never In, Never Out of Print" Mudlark Poetry
  Chief Editor William Slaughter
I praise the earthworm's muddy snout, along with my amazement that he can toil underground all his life, and by instinct alone. I praise the cockroach's understanding of age and necessity ... Read More

Del Sol Review
 Editor Derek Alger
Starring The Sadhana, Obtuse Diary, Catwalk Plastique, + Bras= Deadly Weapons ... Read More
The Literary Explorer
 Editors Cummins + Kennedy
A Visit to Hunger 120 Years Later, and Knut Hamsun? Hunger is a strange city no one leaves ... Read More

Writers On The Job
 Editor Tom Kennedy
TK produces Bouncing on my Heels by Elise Johansen, plus Blumenfeld + many more jobs ... Read More
 Editors: The Krokers
The Einstein Brain Project, Triumph of Culture, Who's Your Daddy? Silo Psychosis, and lots more ... Read More

Provocative Sol Items
From the WDS archives of Del Sol Review, the ho-ho Jan Pehechan Ho lives again. Who are they? What do they want from planet Earth? Gina and a son who? Test your dates with this film.

WDS profusely thanks reviewer Levi Asher for saying what we've all wanted to say for years, namely, that the Vollmann emperor is naked to the point of nausea:

"I have tried hard, so very hard, to appreciate Vollmann, a wildly original postmodernist obsessed with history and human aggression who is considered a great intellect by several people I respect. I've eagerly bought his thick, intimidating books, and I have put in solid time trying to read them. I will not try anymore.

William Vollmann is, in my opinion, the David Blaine of literature. It's all an endurance act. Can a skinny kid with pimples and glasses really write a seven volume chronicle of the settlement of North America, follow it with a 3,300 page history of human violence and then toss out an 800 page rumination on the Eastern Front in World War II? Yes, he can. But if you take the "wow" factor away from William Vollmann, does his work stand up?" Thank you, Levi! OMG, thank you!

Past blast into the Foghorn cosmos and watch him get abused by a psycho-chick. Web del Sol's new mascot says howdy to all his fanz. Doo Dah, Doo dah. "I say, I say, WDS gives me the fantods, I do declare!"



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