Michael Brodsky is the author of ten books of fiction that investigate the philosophical experience of being, as well as the translator of Samuel Beckett's play Eleutheria. His most recent novel is Southernmost and Other Stories (Four Walls Eight Windows, 1996; to place an order, please go here). His other short story collections and novels, most available through Four Walls Eight Windows, include: *** (1994), Three Goat Songs (1991), Dyad (1989), X In Paris (1988), XMAN (1987), Circuits (1985), Project (1982), Wedding Feast and Two Novellas (1981) and Detour (1977).

A novel, We Can Report Them, is currently in progress.


Michael Brodsky


    I arrive in Paris late one night and go to a hotel not far from the one I stayed at two years before. Why Paris. Paris is an exercise in despair . . .

    The office, grim and dismal, gave on a small courtyard. Out of sight the Hudson continued to flow, the young man presumed, into sodden tributaries. He kept reminding himself this was permanent--the real thing. So very quickly he fell into a relation of utter passivity with the others, the endless countless others. Ashamed, however, of his desire to lie down and die he made his way quickly to the urinal, this before his status as a permanent employee entitled to all, or almost all, company benefits could be publicly, celebratorily confirmed. He was reassured by the long line of urinals, the superabundance of stalls beyond.


Chapbook Selections:

From Detour

Bill Brandtford, Stage Designer

From Six Scenes: A Barracks Brawl

From ***

From Three Goat Songs

X in Paris


Michael Brodsky

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