Paul Di Filippo's stories and reviews have appeared on both sides of the Atlantic. A two-time finalist for the Nebula Award and a finalist for the World Fantasy Award, Di Filippo is the author of The Steampunk Trilogy (1995), Ribofunk (1996), Fractal Paisleys (1997), Ciphers: A Post-Shannon Rock and Roll Mystery, and Lost Pages (1998).


Paul Di Filippo


      This happened in Hamburg on the eve of J-Day, the night of that new legendary USO triple bill: the Beatles opening for the Supremes and Elvis. Sort of a chorus of Pop Valkyries the brass had kindly arranged for all us Jivey GI Joes and Jolly Jack Tars, before booting us over the edge of the steaming crevasse..."
      - from World Wars Three


      Mark glared at the bird. "Let me get this straight. We're going to play in some kind of Star Wars battle of the bands, but you freakin' Bowerbirds are going to get all the credit?"
      - from Flying the Flannel


Do You Believe in Magic

World Wars III

Flying the Flannel

Paul Di Filippo

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