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the appetite and piss issue
may 2001

If there's any "Verse" here, it needs to be marked <vex> in the doggerel tradition
rachel blau duplessis

All afternoon the man stayed on the lawn wishing. Then night came and he was still wishing. He had wished all summer but never for so many hours in a row      sara levine

The reason you came here has dropped away. You have butter on your fly. You write because your beanstalk is raced by giant Jacks.
clayton eshleman

often I mistake the opening in my soul for a knife / which is a curse for the insane. it usually follows / after every polite sentence and unbuttons the blood     dave brinks

You want consistency? I'll show you consistency! Tuesday, meatloaf; Friday, fish; Saturday, intercourse      joy kaplan

Give me your hand, I told him. Hold your hand up against this wood. Brother did like I told. We were brothers. We were each other's voice inside our own heads. This might sting, I warned
peter markus

[ ] understood the sullen question in [ ] voice. Many times, earlier on, they had asked the same thing, and always the answer had been the same eugene thacker

God if I were only just blood, an animal governed by appetite and piss      john rybicki

did I know what lay on the pages of that encyclopedia? I who had never laid eyes on it, was I a spectator at the opera or an actor? I was once again afraid.      norman lock

An aria lower, he fused with blueberry guesses in a shadowy cold field piss-colored cottages had exhaled      bob grumman

The effect is the creation of emotional paralysis in a vortex of fear. Abraham offers his only son to God but is released from his act of faith. Actor #1 offers her own heart but Actor #2 sees only the brick, not the sacrifice.      richard eoin nash

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