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the choke chain of lightheartedness issue
dec 2001

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what hit me with force were the unlimited possibilities of wooden children: from within a chest high bin, a dozen faces stared back at me, perhaps half of them female. This gave me pause.       kevin harvey

No puncturing, no Thing, no fits
james wagner

It causes a persistent pain, either in the heart, or chest. When
the steam comes in through the floor, it's like a bomb going off
      jena osman

into what circumstances this sleep a winter wheat raiding its contentment soundlessly and depth understood      michael ives

Vera was crying because we had been fighting about wearing shoes in the house and one thing lead to another and I said that her father was a racist     eric raschke

He feels beside himself: twenty years younger or fifty years older, less shocked than disillusioned—retroactively disillusioned
      michael maschio

He was, like many people's first husbands, a man who appeared solidly, in my eyes to be only at his greatest potential, most human, in the company of my love
      linda m. morgenstern

What I cannot avoid I will avoid. The hammer, repeatedly, respectfully. Faith and discipline at odds, rise in my throat      gil ott

the trap door triggered by the nose of a cow carved into the headboard, and one night, when I finally gave in to this temptation to hide, to fall into this hollow I had lined with a quilt and stocked with a bottle of scotch, I landed gently onto her waiting body
emmit fox

where women wander when breezes are done I smell you in the charred leaves      nanette rayman

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