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the well-deserved anthology issue
may 2002

notes from the eds


Thank you for your interest in applying for the __________ position in Gate 4 of Chamber Complex D
matthew derby

Hey, but we're a long way from Canada now. Long we are, and far, from the wheatfields and metric system
will eno

Intervals for her are the same
only cheaper, faster, so

jack kimball

People from three counties flock to see the man who folds his wife like a pocket knife each night
kip knott

Quote anything and for a while you're going to sound stuck. Rest, write, love, not in that order
sheila murphy

She smoothed her newborn hips, got flashes of a warm night. Still Fall enough to hear the boys at school, drilling down in numbers, fast catches and under jean snatches in the leaves.
rachel sherman



I believe everything I read. Every single written word crystallizes into fact.
matt marinovich

She was born in December in Baraboo or thereabouts—small, still, blue, a girl, and, by some trick of oxygen, alive.
dawn raffel



Cavort is a smartie word. It was on the vocab quiz. Maybe Daddy knows it because he used to be a smartie, too. Now he's sore arms, sore neck
sam lipsyte



The weekend all the leaves fall. Empty house as an index of possibility. Out by the private airport, Sunday at dusk
ron silliman



Rare the oils summoned / to a woman's caress, / the tangled hair
cooper esteban

This grandmother used to harvest tomatoes, which doesn't seem right, seems an utterly hopeless act, a form of depravity
ginger knowlton

this air wants to come back / is gaining momentum, grinding down
simon perchik



in the photograph / the women's faces have been covered / and their sexes exposed
megan burns



In the light of this light, us brothers, we raise back our hammers. We line up those rusted nails.
peter markus