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the asymptomatic issue
june 2003


Symptoms: First stage: Non-specific flu-like symptoms including malaise, headache, and/or fever. Persistent inflammation of joints, and leg pain. Second stage: Isolated occurrences of agoraphobic, claustrophilic, and cannibalistic behavior.
alison stine

Steady drift among the Crocodiles. Blast sediment. Gold mine filled, bring t shirts and polaroids
lorraine graham

Ignore the unlit bubbles, please. Go towards the one you chose when you were on the tram
jane unrue

Ink goes down, goes down. Hits blood it can't mix with and comes back up.
mtc cronin

But first, I said, I forgot one thing. Take off all of your clothes. Again, Brother did like I told. We were brothers.
peter markus

Hormones and hammock sweeten with age, the theory goes.
sheila murphy

Not so pretty as it sounds. All the shit shat, those cranes that work at night
kate schapira

The day I told my mother I regularly used a wide variety of drugs is the day I call the Day of the Goat.
stephen graham jones

Rosaries saith; Ice and standing / Blood, associated fruitfulness,
chris sawyer

this picture whose only cry is the cloud, the call me, call me.
simon perchik

He grinned painfully, uneasily, and said, "She said you are a misogynist."
james wagner

birth growth & death (begging the
motion) sustained missile
(dusty motion) materials of startle

camille martin

At 7:30 P.M., a barrister leaving for home came upon the twisted wreckage of an automated wheelchair intertwined with human remains.
john denton

Where gone. / Cloud- or / Milk-puddle. Airless eye.
gregory vincent st. thomasino

I've wanted to tell you about Noah in the closet.
mandee wright

Donna (eastern corridor) from Sho-Mix is concerned about: the sheer weight of crumbs and sugar and stuff
jeff johnson