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In place of any answer I can only say this: Those years jutting out from inside of my body are the sum of a moment that was never followed through.
david mclendon

I had rather do nothing than be watched doing something. And so I sit and move barely only my right hand.
liz waldner

you live long enough you see it happen several times the momentum starts at some point
nico vassilakis

But still, this geometry of the city as seen from above looks more like dirtied lace than traffic jams and searches for the perfect parking space.
branda c. maholtz

count eyes the pins of down banks / to dance the delay of the horizon
andrew lundvall

although he remembered nothing strenuous in the night and his chronically-aching right leg ached chronically, his left leg ached sharply.
greg mulcahy

to that select list of creators whose work can be the new row ordering is derived from the primary hearings may reap many valuable rewards
terry temescu

The hooks, the legs in your pants, / angels and us, we are not angels and are glad.
hugh steinberg

Gaunt verticals in a turn-of-the-century cushion
jennifer pilch

Each with its foreigners in white caps
jennifer pilch

One plus one equals. / The petals falling off the flowers but the birds.
emma ramey

As I dressed, you took out your menthols. I bummed one even though I hate the flavor.
nicholas alexander hayes

it polishes a light deeply
andrew lundvall

I was invited to paint an anger / on velvet using two expressions
ian randall wilson

possibility proven body
andrew lundvall

There is no place set for 'still'
liz waldner

the cauternization of what the who / in treble with rakes a horse
steve timm

Certain waxlike / because vocabulary. A dinghy in circles.
steve timm

“insidiously bittersweet” music is one reason.
jack foley

I’ve rediscovered the celestial and the savage, paradise in which anguish is desire...
jack foley


"all nine of them are air"
march 2005

Yes, this is it, finally. What took us so long? We blame George Bush, yes, that's it. He gave Joel, Gunnar, and Gary such a case of the runs, and Mike Neff such a case of rat scabies, that 5Trope was put on hold until we had all finished courting and marrying four wealthy Brazilian widow-sisters living in NYC (Frida, Evita, Malefica, and Justicia) just so we could get health insurance.



if repose is at hand / and surface eyes itself, /the living, all nine of them, are air
ian randall wilson

He intoned seriously, avuncular, “So, fella, are you going to make a career of this?”
james wagner

The darkness thought she meant something / different from indifference, you see.
liz waldner

Offshore sudden equilibrium question; Sexually discounted phone; jungle drum.
miles clark

I was pronounced dead at 30,000 feet. Weather report in Chicago--Radiant! Sartre couldn't have been prouder.
linda bellamy

if only grey old flower / shadows could get there, undroop, / then death (or slowly dying) would pretty paint it- / self along shelfwalls
annmarie eldon

I woke and I studied the alarm clock. It was three a.m. I stared up at the ceiling and I listened. I heard the rustling of the branches. The moon was shining in.
kim chinquee

I do not get nearly enough sleep or enough exercise. I do not get enough of the basic creature comforts. I do not get enough.
matt briggs

A larger passage finding its way / To the upstairs pigment jewel / We stick our noses in and o / How things change
nico vassilakis

The poet is a liar.
jack spicer

That lofty vision shaped by curves of snow and streaked with bending ski runs, blue-white turning purple-pink at dusk.
jane unrue

At this point, I’ll put forward a confused facial expression, and say something like it must be an interesting experiment
james wagner

She was telling me of a dream she had in the not-too-distant future where she had raised a monstrous brood of children
mike topp

She grabbed my hand impatiently and led me into the kitchen. A baby was strapped into a high seat. It had a shocking amount of hair. It had the hair of Frankie Valli.
matt marinovich

There are the fallen and the brought down. / The wish for weightlessness, the want of a home.
emma ramey

Meanwhile, / the wasp slides its slender head / into each cell its yellow legs / like broomstraw embrace.
liz waldner

Our masks / are more beautiful than / the apple, the cinema, / the clouds, the cold snow, / the clown's.
dennis barone

His wife-- she'll be gray-haired but then she went that way in one horrible afternoon, the very day...
b. belltower

He kissed her because her eyes, expectant, were buoyed at uneven depths.
dave maass