to 5

    on the 5ives




I take notes, a note thing, a nothing,
right police, right railroad tracks
16X12X12, unless designated OWL
the lack of moisture, the tardy rain
first light turn left, go thru one stoplight
counseling and other services, white walls
3 items, no activation fee, dry blood bandage
hearing the pulse, rope burns, tall trees
never ending pastime, it says your name
so mixed, so well, well met swell,
words mix well with ample mother hair
as sound gathers in pillows it divides the sleeper
the two swimming, the two maps torn
everybody gets dense, spaceless
then death comes, take a right into town
flaming sword of the X people, for your face
you live long enough you see it happen several times
the momentum starts at some point
how it starts is crucial, how it starts is always crucial
and now for my false starts
how much fatigue to expect
the cracked lips whisper a parched death
we recall the secret clerk
it says your name
the proxy smoothes over the fluid as glass
and I post an envelope of air to her