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It's happened again: after much thought we have decided that the world is ready for another all-poetry issue of 5_trope.

To that end, we bring you our 19th instalment: a festival of verse, a bonanza of the belles-lettres. And can you think of a better way to spend a summer afternoon?


We didn't think so. We give you:

THE "Face without a glass between " ISSUE
July 2005


it happened
We were at the circus and it happened.

cole swensen

you, there, with the broken mouth?
jj blickstein

afterbirth of the mechanized

stacey duff

Muscles ached, tame mountebanks
braking, same contusions spread

vernon frazer

just as the contest / is set / to begin / embrace / of fire
craig freeman

Now it may be that we arguments
august highland

Stoppage of time [procession] conscience
pete leed

Fine card board
provides a violent kind
of delightfulness

hugh tribbey

Their solid asses riding each innuendo before the music comes.
bruna mori

The heart is a glass dog with a fire in its throat.
jj blickstein

Whose voice under threat
Saw ‘master of tempest and fire’
And parted in the summer lightning

andrew mossin

No, I lie. I don’t have a face to give.
cole swensen

making involuntary to feel that incredibly
as though sending stars which drop back
like the surface of dead snails

hugh tribbey

compassion instructs the hand
         weighted by seed
                            to hold over brass

andrew mossin

I do not burke myself with grassy matriarchies
hugh tribbey