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the leftover coffee and toast issue
fall 1998

art from
nudes 1 - au dela du paraitre
by Jean Vallette

Sometimes I can feel the inside of my head, right along the temples. Certain objects resonate there—a metal fork, for instance, makes a sound that is like a squealing tire.  matthew derby

There is but an unsuturable gash (not that far off, come to think of it) where the sunset should be—where their prefatory bullyragging has led you to believe it must be. You try to forget your newborn celebrity.
michael brodsky

creation is a wound Luria said and the void cried tzim tzum and everything follows from that  jake berry

Maguire held Baby up, under her arms, facing forward while he leaned over her. He moistened his lips, and with his cavernous mouth wide open, filled his mouth with the crown of Baby’s head.  paul beckman

Since then a lot of changes like w/o consent impregnated w/ a child who stuck around 8 years more or less then chose to live w/ the source of sperm ...  cris mazza

People from three counties flock to see
the man who folds his wife like a pocket knife
each night.
  kip knott

A mouth to emit the groans in time by item, an angry mite or a moth that leaves a sound like snow on air. Why is it insects evoke for me intersecting sound and ears?
garrett caples

Proceed to countersign my warmth and you will automatically receive enunciation in the wound of indoor-outdoor carpeting of anti-sacrifice.   sheila murphy

Before they were out of sight, she sat down and pulled him with her. She kissed him sloppy and hard. The feeling of being unkissed and then kissed suddenly felt small and she kissed as if she had been doing it at home ...
rachel sherman

This your substance; limb for wing, womb for chalice. These your hands, a magnet for a pilgrim's industrial land in a mountain of cheap code.  david hunter sutherland

I'm tapping now —
"ambassador" celebrity
that gives lawyers that creepy
bullet-sense of significance.
  jack kimball