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the and Senators were nouns issue
summer 1999

art from
nudes 1 - au dela du paraitre
by Jean Vallette

The State University of New York at Buffalo Distinguished Speaker Series, Sponsored By Don Davis Auto World, Presents Carol Burnett.  e. f. taylor, jr.

At the new border he is stopped by Serbian soldiers. I am a writer he says let me pass. A futile struggle. He steps back, swallows a packet of arsenic, crosses into death ...  david buuck

Popeye's mysterious friend, the Jeep, lived on a diet of orchids. Knish? Delish! Wednesday night is Diaper Night.
peter balestrieri

After a sip of whiskey icons surfaced in consciousness like fish. The chest of a man pierced in a duel. That phase of life was shaping up as one of secluded processing rather than outward gathering. Everyone was getting married.  brian lennon

bull moon over manhattan, events separated by distant swells alight all tuned to posture, twirls, smoke primps their maleness in the wind chain  scott macleod

begin with the chimneys in your skin. if the mason is to trowel & mortar, plumb-bobbing precise & the choir of more than every pore muchless be sure to follow, follow, each attendant note finally overwith. miekal and

what should they get for donating a cell apiece to this body, what is a fair price to pay, how long is the lease ...
  gwendolyn albert

Planet shifts philosophy, the cumbers lay ground principles' own peach light where the wasps and senators were nouns.
sheila murphy

The water is soothing against your flesh as the sun sets in the back of your mind. Love has promised it'll be different again, cool and sleepy, it likes to unwind a slippery coil ...
joe maynard

Let them hide the ham away. Let Daddy come home tippy, or call Uncle Joey a bum until Joey bawls how it's not his fault, it's the gas he got in France, the mustard.
sam lipsyte

Cigarettes were like a best friend, one of the most constant things in my whole life, I'm telling Susan, who looks at me with a mixture of kindness, confusion, and outright concern since I seem to be unable to stop talking about cigarettes,
creative non-quiction winners

I'm trying to communicate by telephone but no matter how clear an obsessive personality until clouds of unknowing a hired hand who also wants to think that being a prerogative if one can imagine everything told as or after
harry polkinhorn

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