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the wrestling with a frogwoman issue
winter 2000

art from
nudes 1 - au dela du paraitre
by Jean Vallette

I was wrestling with a frogwoman, saying No under the grasping sheets, but she was all over me in a gelid, muscular wriggling. And, of course, there was no speaking   daryl scroggins

A woman with eyebrows and an appropriate mole that suggests her name should be Colette just walked by.  elizabeth b. cho

Put out of their misery on greeting cards or in political speech, And finally dangled as mangled nouns, now verbs. I try, instead, to shape the word with my hands.  viola weinberg

One restless night in a Psycho motel, shower steam rescrawled a mirror-note: "Linda: forgive me, I couldn't—Hal."  barry spacks

The book is my only reminder that I cannot take care of this man, this extraordinary accident, this mess.  bryan tomasavich

I know you're going to nibble the guy down the hall... at just this moment your eyes have the same look as the night you told me... I was hungry and then I wasn't.  kevin sampsell

the playís the ding, or dong—the collars rise at dawn, there are phallic astral projections, a cosmic looping, animals without backbones, or front bones, or any bones  marc kipniss

Here the greater illusions were built. Common screws and paste comprised a cartilage of miracles.  patrick ehlen

Are you Egon? In the dream, I walk through decades as easily as rooms. to convey the point, shape the broccoli into a pyramid.
ron silliman

itís decidedly unsexy to be a fan of ashes or other soldierly   buck downs

"I want to caress you," he says into the microphone. "I want to slip my hand inside the buttons of that ridiculous blouse.
  matt marinovich

my goatee is another me I rarely talk about and only grow inside my face for one dental hygienist in town   gerard crinnin

There was light in Provincetown then—a shine on the method, how pink or wide the investment, should we ever have to deal between Picasso and Matisse.   bill berkson

And if youíre going to be part of this world, if youíre going to join, you might as well get rid of the quotation marks and the efforts at distance; you might as well accept that this is your language now, too.  cynthia weiner

Dim Sum in the heart of the Russian Diaspora, Richmond District, SF ... how poets look strange on T.V... "Opera" Winfrey, Martha Graham, Dan Rather are not poets (one unifying thought might help) michael rothenberg