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the defeated implausibility and skull issue
winter 2001

media nouveau presents matt blackburn's
the infinite blue of our finite world

coming into my own inadvertently knowing what iím doing among these friends setting up the correct dialectic     hank lazer

I laughed, but felt bad later when I saw the defeated skull gazing out from under a layer of relentless ducks. Wedging a stick between its ribs, I dragged it free and hauled it out into tall grass where it would have trouble following me back      chad woody

The real problem in 20th century art is patent acceptance—back to the conversion of Saul—of the putrid notion that the act by which my parents enfoetused and then encadred me cannot be shown.     clayton eshleman

returned the solder to its nook and ran a palm over her knee. A man crawled into the room, peering until his eyes adjusted and he could see her sitting at her rack, submissive. He put on the light     w.p. osborn

a universe strewn in minute threads the thrum of infolded worlds I hear rain dropping through tree  that never reaches the ground     heather thomas

an external median maiden subgular vocal nursery suc exposed for sun     michael basinski

with radio transmissions bird migration and my mastery of French To watch the news we're all victims     brian beatty

"A rib!" she confided to her audience of barrels, "the most beautiful bone of them all." Light pierced the thin flap of flesh that hung down from curve of the bone like a movie projector screen     shelley berc

the prone man was clarified and disintegrated by the exchanges between the print of his hand and the steam. In this window the prone man was not a man at all, but a torso, a smear, a neck, stripes of face     david ryan

do so little to punctuate a self indulgent oblivion allow dumb recurring negligible singular assemblages     joe keenan

of poseurs tarts and procedural singularities not commenting upon whose immense atrophy goes against the knees and joints without
peter ganick

& confront that other that intractable real of light & solid objects but eyes need not be open for this to be real eyes could be shut    louis armand

  each one sings with a jewel in its skull
reeling around in this ancient sink flickering with golden inclusions and gutted paper

amy trussell

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