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the twisted ropes and overpriced rugs issue
march 2001

media nouveau presents eugene thacker's

I seldom wash / & wear a string / around my throat / until it crumbles      jerome rothenberg

One day when I am old I will come up here alone and stand on the beach and cry the way old people cry. Inconsolable old people with their old faces and their eyes getting wet and red.     ken sparling

around its core, I was thinking about its flower / days and how it felt to hang so heavy
megan burns

aspect founded in murder and the other in common human genetics
     joe ahearn

  You will be abandoned in a rug seller's shop for the better part of an afternoon. Here you will be encouraged to buy tiny, overpriced rugs depicting rifle-toting horseman spiriting women away from a walled city      jim ruland

They headed west into the blood-streaked sky, crossing twisted ropes of highway, turning south towards open country until the last light of day brought them to land on a wire      sarah balcomb

you find yourself, once more, tilting your tear-stained face skyward while thinking     linh dinh

No, Todd didn't have any flashbacks. Not really, he said. Once while watching television with friends a storm came closer and closer until it was unbearable     peter conners

i am a nomad in your hand // stepping the nails, jumping / cross-ties and looking back / where you used to be / budding in a tomb     stacey duff

Sometimes, Mom does Dad with Debra. Both of them take off their shirts, place a tie around their necks, do the bit. But not today.     john davies

Retreat to a tent and calculate by six maps exactly where the cataract should be. Eventually, under the net, you try to sleep     bob castle

 Somehow, heıd gotten the babyıs head off and was peering down its neck hole.     mark o'neil

The dead & their pigments appear / on the glass everclear / shuffling lips on the mind
j.j. blickstein

For me the phrase to wring one's hands has long held repellent connotations. I visualize my grandmother's ancient washing machine with its crank-operated rollers extruding wet laundry     fred muratori

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