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Enjoy these stories from the back annals of the Barrelhouse website.

Ryan Seacrest is Famous
by Dave Housley

"Burns wakes up with the feeling that something is wrong. He can feel it in his...not in his gut, somewhere deeper than that, more primal. He can feel it in his balls. He sits straight up. How many days now? A week, at least. His wife is sleeping comfortably. Early dawn light suffuses the room. What is it, he wonders, a bad dream? Deja vu? And then it hits him again, like 900 volts shot straight into his testicles, it snakes into his gut and up his spine until it fills his head like a migraine. Ryan Seacrest is famous; Burns is not. "
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Blood and Memory
by Mike Ingram

"It will be years before it occurs to me to think about that decision, why I was excluded from the church and the graveyard but made to come to my great grandmother's house the next day and sort through her things. I am sure it says something about my family and the way we celebrate and grieve, how we protect our loved ones and also thrust them out into the world a little at a time. How we parcel out their experience."
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