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Barrelhouse Issue Three

Our latest issue is chock full of great new fiction, poetry, and essays, plus our interviews with George Saunders and Chuck Klosterman, the Illustrated Story "The Only Child," four poems on the topic of Ed Asner, and all of it packed into a beautifully funky little package. Click on the button to the right to get your copy today.



Dot Dot Dot, by J. Chris Rock

Resin, by Kate Stein

Recommended If You Dig, by Melissa Yancy

Billets Doux, by Wendy Wimmer

Car Seat, by Ed Hardy


This Essay Doesn't Rock, by Joe Oestrich

American Idolatry, by Dale Bridges


Polar Bear Heart in a Penguin World: David Barringer Talks Metaphysical Shop with George Saunders

No Precedent for Writing About Tesla: Barrelhousing with Chuck Klosterman


Community, Not Market, by Lacie Clark

Adultery, by Barbara Daniels

Charlestown Beach, by Jeanpaul Ferro

Among the Ruins, by Maureen Tolman Flannery

House Over the World, by Paul Hostovsky

Clearing Off, by Marianna Hofer

City Wilds, by Ann Linde

Husbands and Wives, by Shane McCrea

World's Largest, by Sally Molini

Aagea, by David Penhale

Miss Peach by the Sea, by Catie Rosemurgy

Goodbye Gotham Sestina, by James Whitley

american immortality

four poems on the topic of Ed Asner, by Greg Ames

the illustrated story

The Only Child, written by Erin Pringle, adapted and illustrated by Warren Craghead


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