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Barrelhouse Issue Two

Our latest issue is chock full of great new fiction, poetry, and essays, plus our interview with Ian MacKaye, the Illustrated Story "Sex and Pills," the Very Special Swayze Section, the Action Figure Portrait Gallery, and all of it packed into a beautifully funky little package. Click on the button to the right to get your copy today.

Table of Contents:


White Lines and Headlights, by Matt Bell

Three Piece Combo with Drink, by Tom Williams

Like a Mexican, by Paula Morris

Rivals and Hyenas Alike, by Sean Beaudoin

Hey Now, All You Sinners, by Brian Ames

Circus, by Terry Dalrymple


All Aboard the Bloated Boat: Arguments in Favor of Barry Bonds, by Lee Klein

Fort Smith, Arkansas, by Justin Taylor

Godzilla Versus the Code, by Ellen Morris Prewitt

the interview

Barrelhousing with Ian MacKaye (click to read the full interview)


Featured Poet: Nancy Slavin

Featured Poet: Karen Schoenhals

Featured Poet: Theresa Sotto

Cherry Blossoms, Blue Mountain, Chickadee, by John Repp

the very special swayze section

Swayze: A Poem, by Tim Hall

Dirty Bird, by Derrick Pyle

I am the Cooler and You are the Bouncers, by Dave Longaker

the illustrated story

Sex and Pills: A Love Story, written by Carrie Hill Wilner, adapted by Kylos Brannon


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