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Willamette Award          Peter and Jean de Maine

CLR Writing Contests

Willamette Award in Fiction and Poetry

The prize in each category is $500 and is awarded to the authors of the winning story and poem. The winning entries will appear in the Fall/Winter 2004 issue of CLR and on this website.

To enter the contest send no more than three poems or one story up to 7,000 words to CLR postmarked by June 1, 2003. Make sure to enclose an SASE and a check or money order to the Clackamas Literary Review for $10. Manuscripts will not be returned.

Follow our general submission guidelines for submitting work. All work submitted to the contest will also be considered for inclusion in the journal.

Judges for the 2003 Willamette Award will be Arthur Winfield Knight in fiction and Marilyn Chin in poetry.

Peter and Jean de Maine Award for an Emerging Writer in Fiction

This annual award goes to an emerging fiction writer with no more than one published book and whose work appears in either the Spring or Fall issues of CLR each year. The writer of the winning story receives a $1,000 honorarium.

Only those stories accepted for publication in CLR are eligible for this award; there is no additional contest period.

Past Winners
of the Willamette and de Maine Awards

Willamette Award in Fiction and Poetry


Mary Carroll-Hackett
"Life Line"

Judith Barrington

Judges: Tim Schell & Jeff Knorr


Nicole Louise Reid
"So There"

Dawn McGuire
"The Catch"

Beth Ellen Anstandig
"The List of Grave Disappointments Lengthens"

Judges: Clint McCown & Beckian Fritz Goldberg


Jim Nichols
"The Slow Monkeys"

Gaylord Brewer
"Ode to Leonard Cohen and Yogi Berra"

Judges: Melissa Pritchard & Virgil Suárez


James Manuel
"Sally Draw Horn"

Thea S. Kuticka
"The Seamstress"

Judges: Craig Lesley & Alberto Rios

Note: We held two contests in this year

Lionel de Maine
"The Leopard Skin"

Vivian Shipley
"Driving with My Father in Winter Park, Florida"

Judges: Walt McDonald & Stephen Dobyns

Elaine Winer
"Summer's End"

Andrea Masters
"The Dancer"

Judith Barrington
"Horses and the Human Soul"

Judges: Valerie Miner & Vern Rutsala


H. Lee Barnes
"A Lovely Day in the A Shau Valley"

Verlena Orr
"Break in the Cloud Cover"

Judges: Ron Carlson & Naomi Shihab Nye

Peter and Jean de Maine Award


Marian Szczepanski
“Moon Rite”


Nicole Louise Reid
"So There"


Daniel Chacón
"Godoy Lives"

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