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Collected Table of Contents

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An alphabetical list of all authors, works, genres, and the CLR issues in which they appeared.
Joe Abbott
Hawks essay Spring/Summer 2000
Guns essay Fall/Winter 1999
Beard poetry Fall/Winter 1999
Robert H. Abel Mr. Nice Guy fiction Fall/Winter 1999
Henry Alley Afternoons with Klaatu fiction Spring/Summer 2002
Susan Allspaw Going to the Seal Rodeo poetry Fall/Winter 2000
What Happens During Whiteouts in Antarctica poetry Fall/Winter 2000
This is My Mother and a Man Named John Gillis in 1956 poetry Fall/Winter 1999
Jan Lee Ande Ode to the Avocado poetry Fall/Winter 2001
Eugénio de Andrade Sea Gulls poetry Fall/Winter 1999
To a Lotus Tree on My Street poetry Fall/Winter 1999
Rose of Sand poetry Fall/Winter 1999
Mark Andres The Angel of Necessary Losses fiction Fall/Winter 1999
Who's Up Next fiction Spring/Summer 1998
Beth Ellen Anstandig The List of Grave Disappointments Lengthens poetry Fall/Winter 2001
The Last Stop Disco poetry Fall/Winter 2000
Alison Apotheker The Art of Keeping House on the Ocean Floor poetry Fall/Winter 1999
Overnight, Snow poetry Fall/Winter 1999
Herman Asarnow Panorama poetry Spring/Summer 2000
Seeking Home poetry Spring/Summer 2000
Diane Averill The Effigies by Robert Hill Long review Spring/Summer 1999
In Answer to New Arrangements poetry Fall/Winter 1998
Egret Temperatures poetry Fall/Winter 1998
Linda Avila I Could Not Tell poetry Spring/Summer 2002
David Axelrod The Day Stafford Died poetry Spring/Summer 1999
Tracking a Mule Deer poetry Spring/Summer 1999
Anne Babson Nixon Resigning poetry Fall/Winter 2003
Terry Bain We Wait and Watch the Windows fiction Fall/Winter 2003
Tama Baldwin The Curving of Familiar Bones poetry Fall/Winter 1999
Iris poetry Fall/Winter 1999
Lenore Balliro Bone Poem poetry Spring/Summer 2001
Meat poetry Spring/Summer 2001
Linda Bamber The Tower poetry Spring/Summer 2002
H. Lee Barnes Candescent fiction Spring/Summer 2001
Changing Hands essay Fall/Winter 2000
Hueco Tanks fiction Spring/Summer 2000
Tunnel Rat fiction Spring/Summer 1999
Stonehands and the Tigress fiction Spring/Summer 1998
A Lovely Day in the A Shau Valley fiction Spring/Summer 1997
Tim Barnes Winter Text poetry Spring/Summer 1998
Judith Barrington Ineradicable poetry Fall/Winter 2003
Quinag poetry Fall/Winter 1999
My Father's Smile poetry Fall/Winter 1999
Horses and the Human Soul poetry Spring/Summer 1998
Alicia Beale At Three A.M. poetry Spring/Summer 2001
Karen Benke Free Fall poetry Fall/Winter 2001
Stephen Benz Border Town poetry Fall/Winter 2003
Paul Berg Humpback poetry Spring/Summer 1997
Heather Brittain Bergstrom Naming Trees poetry Fall/Winter 2003
Geraniums poetry Fall/Winter 2000
Stacy Bierlein A Vacation on the Island of Ex-Boyfriends fiction Fall/Winter 2003
Stalking Is a Dance fiction Spring/Summer 2000
Rachel Squires Bloom Who's This Girl in the Picture poetry Spring/Summer 2001
Ace Boggess Ghost Club poetry Spring/Summer 2001
Julianne Bonnet A Poem Called Apple Picking poetry Spring/Summer 2001
American Painter poetry Spring/Summer 2001
Linda Bosson Moon Laundry poetry Fall/Winter 2001
Jennifer Cailin Boyden Covetous poetry Fall/Winter 2003
Something to Go By poetry Fall/Winter 2003
Allen Braden Valentine poetry Spring/Summer 2000
Blood on the Lintel poetry Spring/Summer 2000
Common Field Crane poetry Spring/Summer 1998
Listening as Long as Your Credit is Good poetry Spring/Summer 1998
Burton Bradley Prayer to Itzmana, Mayan Sun God poetry Fall/Winter 1999
John Bradley Chronicle of Jesus and the Corn Mothers poetry Fall/Winter 1999
Allen Ginsberg Afterlife Sutra poetry Fall/Winter 1999
Trophies of War poetry Spring/Summer 1997
Catherine Brady The Last of the True Believers fiction Fall/Winter 2000
James Braziel The Old Dog fiction Fall/Winter 2001
Leslie J. Brett Moon Lingering poetry Spring/Summer 2002
Gaylord Brewer Ode to Leonard Cohen and Yogi Berra poetry Fall/Winter 2000
Bones poetry Fall/Winter 1998
Melissa Monday Brown Alison poetry Spring/Summer 2000
Mercy poetry Spring/Summer 2000
Susan Browne Love Match poetry Fall/Winter 2001
Jen Bryant The One Chosen to Be IT poetry Fall/Winter 2001
Ayse Papatya Bucak Things to Do fiction Spring/Summer 1999
Brad Buchannon The Exhumation poetry Spring/Summer 2001
Priscilla L. Buckley Excerpt from String of Pearls essay Fall/Winter 2001
Jess Burnquist


poetry Spring/Summer 2002
Listening poetry Spring/Summer 2002
Deron Burton
Natural Mutation of the Noble Pinot Noir poetry Fall/Winter 2001
Edward Byrne Anniversary poetry Fall/Winter 1998
Spring Morning: Descending an Abandoned Mountain poetry Fall/Winter 1998
Alex Carey Gatos fiction Fall/Winter 2003
Ron Carlson The Pirate Story fiction Spring/Summer 2000
The Shopping Bag: Using My Notes essay Spring/Summer 1997
Mary Carroll-Hackett Life Line fiction Fall/Winter 2003
Pat Cason The Difference Between Bury and Plant poetry Fall/Winter 1999
Needles and Fronds poetry Spring/Summer 1999
Leaving Oregon poetry Spring/Summer 1999
Mike Catalano The Mariner poetry Spring/Summer 2001
Daniel Chacón Godoy Lives fiction Spring/Summer 2000
Lisa D. Chavez Guns essay Fall/Winter 2003
Chicken essay Fall/Winter 2000
The White Professor Holds Forth on Indians poetry Spring/Summer 2000
Surrender poetry Spring/Summer 2000
Peter Chilson Disturbance Loving Species fiction Spring/Summer 2002
Marilyn Chin Where We Live Now (Vol. 3, #4) poetry Spring/Summer 2000
Rick Christman A Fiction Writer Writes Poetry essay Fall/Winter 2001
For the Love of Kathleen fiction Fall/Winter 2001
The Power of Prayer fiction Spring/Summer 2000
Listening from the Beginning fiction Fall/Winter 1998
William J. Cobb The Decline of King Fabulous fiction Fall/Winter 2001
Marina fiction Fall/Winter 1999
Mat Coffey A Place in the Trees fiction Spring/Summer 1997
Earl Coleman A Palette Knife poetry Spring/Summer 2001
Leslie Clason Darkroom poetry Spring/Summer 2001
The Weavers poetry Spring/Summer 2001
Lee Cooper Tutoring Long Division poetry Fall/Winter 2001
Robert Cooperman Father Abraham poetry Fall/Winter 2001
Ann Copeland Reading on Water: Reflections essay Spring/Summer 1999
Wayne Cox Mediterranean poetry Fall/Winter 2003
Chauna Craig Binocular fiction Fall/Winter 1999
Karen Craigo Escaped Housewife Grocery Shops at Dawn
poetry Fall/Winter 2001
Escaped Housewife Sprouts a Dick poetry Fall/Winter 2001
Craig Crist-Evans Original Sin poetry Fall/Winter 2003
Joseph W. Curran The Age of Impotence poetry Fall/Winter 2003
Brian Daldorph Domingo says
poetry Fall/Winter 2001
poetry Fall/Winter 2001
Parnell's Daughter poetry Fall/Winter 2000
Young Molloy poetry Fall/Winter 2000
Dancing Bear Sonnet poetry Fall/Winter 2001
Jim Daniels The Taste poetry Spring/Summer 2002
Tracy Daugherty Amarillo essay Spring/Summer 1999
Peter Ho Davies Scenes from a Long Distance Relationship fiction Spring/Summer 2000
Cortney Davis Alchemy poetry Fall/Winter 1999
The Viet Nam Veteran's Wife poetry Fall/Winter 1999
Wilding poetry Fall/Winter 1999
Annie Dawid Boy at the Piano fiction Fall/Winter 2001
Jason DeBoer The Flavor of Absinthe essay Fall/Winter 2001
Madeline DeFrees Widows Riding Amtrak poetry Spring/Summer 1999
The Maid at the Hotel Doubletree poetry Spring/Summer 1999
On Western Avenue behind a Horse-and-Buggy poetry Spring/Summer 1999
Stephanie Coyne DeGhett The Solace of Apparent Danger fiction Fall/Winter 2003
Susan Denning Feng Shui poetry Spring/Summer 2001
I'm Impulsive poetry Spring/Summer 2001
Matthew Jehiel Dickman Apology and Two Souls poetry Spring/Summer 2002
Stephen Dobyns Old What's-His-Name poetry Spring/Summer 1999
Great Job poetry Spring/Summer 1999
One Good Turn Deserves Another poetry Spring/Summer 1999
Kansas fiction Fall/Winter 1998
Sarah Richards Doerries Season of the Insects poetry Spring/Summer 2000
Augury poetry Spring/Summer 2000
Edward Dougherty Cemetery poetry Spring/Summer 1997
Sean Thomas Dougherty Nightshift Belonging to Lorca poetry Fall/Winter 2003
Hegemony poetry Fall/Winter 2003
An Iron Spiral poetry Spring/Summer 1998
Days of 1984 poetry Spring/Summer 1998
On a Winter Night a Thousand Years Deep poetry Spring/Summer 1998
Joseph Duemer Catastrophe Theory poetry Spring/Summer 2000
Imagination poetry Spring/Summer 2000
The Color of Poppies poetry Spring/Summer 2000
Cheryl Dumesnil Bernal Heights poetry Spring/Summer 2002
Bart Edelman Your Father's Ghost poetry Fall/Winter 2000
Forgiveness poetry Fall/Winter 1999
Bashevis poetry Fall/Winter 1999
In Albany Love poetry Fall/Winter 1999
Tina Egnoski What I Saw on the Corner of Guava and Aurora fiction Spring/Summer 1999
Linda Elegant Baker's Pond poetry Spring/Summer 1998
Erin Ergenbright Burning fiction Fall/Winter 1999
Susan Erickson All Things Lesser
poetry Spring/Summer 2002
The Wing Bone of a Crane poetry Spring/Summer 2002
Martín Espada A Mayan Astronomer in Hell's Kitchen poetry Fall/Winter 2000
Finley Bullard Evans King and Byrd poetry Fall/Winter 2001
Jim Fairhall Hue Blues poetry Fall/Winter 1999
Kelly Cass Falzone Cannibal Mother poetry Fall/Winter 2003
David Filer Old Apples poetry Spring/Summer 2002
Chris Fink Horseface Cunningham Breaks His Maiden fiction Spring/Summer 2002
Bird of Paradise fiction Spring/Summer 2000
Kathleen Flenniken Prayer Animals poetry Fall/Winter 2003
Green poetry Fall/Winter 2003
Elisabeth Reads Poetry poetry Fall/Winter 2000
Katie Ford Darkest Where It Is Exposed to the Most Light poetry Fall/Winter 2003
Theresa Ford Growing Pains poetry Spring/Summer 1998
Rock of Ages poetry Spring/Summer 1998
Walt Foreman Former Marine Dies of Hypothermia fiction Spring/Summer 2001
Beverly Froehlich Lucky You poetry Spring/Summer 2002
Carol Fröme Le Bal a Bougival poetry Fall/Winter 1998
Carol Frith The Bearing Fig poetry Spring/Summer 2001
Marilyn Gabriel Deep Memory poetry Spring/Summer 2001
Kate Gale What I Did Not Tell Anyone poetry Fall/Winter 2000
Urban Gorillas poetry Fall/Winter 2000
David Galef Metafiction fiction Fall/Winter 1999
Tess Gallagher The Rooster Crows poetry Spring/Summer 2000
Albert Garcia Loquat poetry Fall/Winter 2001
Eeling, North of Tomales poetry Fall/Winter 2001
Julie Gard Presents fiction Spring/Summer 2000
John Garmon Joe D Is History poetry Spring/Summer 2000
The Day DiMaggio Died poetry Spring/Summer 2000
Martha Gies To the River fiction Spring/Summer 1999
Sean Gillihan The Many Uses of Water poetry Fall/Winter 2001
Elton Glaser Incompatibles in the Wild Light poetry Fall/Winter 2000
Michele Glazer For Sale poetry Spring/Summer 1998
What the "Wolf Boy" Doesn't Say poetry Spring/Summer 1998
Eugene Gloria Allegra with Spirit poetry Fall/Winter 2001
Beckian Fritz Goldberg On the Stairway essay Fall/Winter 2001
Last Erotica poetry Fall/Winter 1999
Darkroom poetry Fall/Winter 1999
The Courtship at the End of the Book poetry Fall/Winter 1999
Aromatic poetry Spring/Summer 1998
The Bluest Movie poetry Spring/Summer 1998
Blown poetry Spring/Summer 1998
Kevin A. Gonzalez Loteria poetry Fall/Winter 2003
Rigoberto Gonzalez Crooked Man poetry Fall/Winter 2000
James Grabill Certain Family poetry Spring/Summer 2000
How Do Workhorses Serve but Stay Whole? poetry Spring/Summer 2000
Loren Graham Homeopathy poetry Spring/Summer 2002
Kate Gray Practicing a Gentle Art: Review of Bart Edelman's The Gentle Man review Spring/Summer 2001
A Triumph of Chicanery: Review of Daniel Chacón's Chicano Chicanery review Spring/Summer 2001
Shaun T. Griffin The Bony Path to Family, Wheeler Peak Trailhead,10,000 Feet poetry Spring/Summer 2000
She Leaves poetry Spring/Summer 2000
We Refuse to Let Frost His Fence But Have We Not a Poetry to Keep? essay Spring/Summer 1998
Kay Grindland Things Fall poetry Spring/Summer 2002
Jennifer Grotz Mind of Winter poetry Fall/Winter 2000
The Heart poetry Fall/Winter 2000
The Air We Breathe poetry Fall/Winter 2000
Tami Haaland After poetry Fall/Winter 2001
Oscar Hahn Litany for a Dead Poet poetry Spring/Summer 1999
Rocking Chair poetry Spring/Summer 1999
Sigmund Freud Under Hypnosis poetry Spring/Summer 1999
At the Nudist Beach of the Unconscious poetry Spring/Summer 1999
Jana Harris The Inclement Weather of the Heart poetry Spring/Summer 1998
Lesson Three: Total Eclipse of the Sun poetry Spring/Summer 1998
Stephen Haven Blossom poetry Fall/Winter 2000
Sun Wukong, Monkey King poetry Fall/Winter 2000
Ultrasound poetry Fall/Winter 2000
Philip Heldrich Vocation fiction Spring/Summer 1998
Sheyene Foster Heller Stories You've Heard Before essay Fall/Winter 2001
Steve Heller Walking through the Moon essay Fall/Winter 2000
Eileen Hennessy Death of a Firefighter poetry Spring/Summer 2002
Peter Henry What Follows: Self-Portrait, Palimpsest and the Iamb "For Sure" poetry Fall/Winter 2000
Stephen Herz Irene Opdyke's Story poetry Spring/Summer 1999
Splitting poetry Spring/Summer 1999
Don't Touch poetry Spring/Summer 1998
Joe Hill The Widow's Breakfast fiction Spring/Summer 2002
The Saved fiction Spring/Summer 2001
Linda K. Hoard Written on Bed Rest poetry Fall/Winter 2001
Charlotte Hogg I'm a Believer essay Spring/Summer 2000
James Hoggard Louisiana Dawn poetry Fall/Winter 2000
Remarks on Translation poetry Spring/Summer 1999
Storm Watch poetry Fall/Winter 1998
Sea Watchers poetry Fall/Winter 1998
Lynn Hoggard What I Don't Want to Live Without poetry Spring/Summer 2000
Torturing the Rat poetry Spring/Summer 2000
Richard Holinger The Art of Eating Angelfish poetry Spring/Summer 2001
The Plumber poetry Spring/Summer 2001
Dian Holland Seer poetry Fall/Winter 2001
Christian Horlick Heaven & Lake poetry Fall/Winter 2001
Christopher Howell Yellow poetry Fall/Winter 2003
The Thirteenth Interval poetry Fall/Winter 2000
The Montavilla Reveries poetry Spring/Summer 1999
Storm poetry Spring/Summer 1999
Sailing Away poetry Spring/Summer 1999
Henry J. Hughes After It Burns poetry Spring/Summer 2001
Diane Hueter Icicles poetry Spring/Summer 2002
Holly Hunt The Bullet in His Mind poetry Fall/Winter 2001
The Wingless Can't Say Why: Review of Gary Thompson's On John Muir's Trail review Spring/Summer 2000
Colette Inez Documentary poetry Fall/Winter 2000
Double Tankas for Chiang Ching poetry Fall/Winter 2000
M. J. Iuppa Sometimes the Atmosphere Closes In poetry Spring/Summer 1997
Jayson Iwen Practice poetry Spring/Summer 2002
Marc Jacksina A Variation on Tu-Fu's Meandering River poetry Fall/Winter 1998
Robin Leslie Jacobson The Glass House poetry Fall/Winter 2003
Trish Lindsey Jaggers The Cutting Lesson poetry Fall/Winter 2003
Carol Johnson Flowers for Vada fiction Spring/Summer 1998
Frank Johnson The Starving Time poetry Fall/Winter 2001
Laura A. Johnson Principles of Uncertainty: Outside White Sands poetry Fall/Winter 2001
Michael Johnson How to Jump Off a Building poetry Fall/Winter 2003
Peter Johnson The Apprentice poetry Spring/Summer 1998
Bret Anthony Johnston Smoke fiction Fall/Winter 1998
Marilyn Johnston Taking Count poetry Fall/Winter 2000
Stella Johnston Not a Step poetry Fall/Winter 2000
War Stories: Memorial Day: 1989 poetry Fall/Winter 2000
David Jordan White Dove poetry Spring/Summer 2001
Meteor Shower poetry Spring/Summer 2001
Allison Joseph In the Spirit: On Seeing the Sounds of Blackness Perform, Riverfront Park poetry Fall/Winter 1999
A Visit from the Poetry Police poetry Fall/Winter 1998
How to Prepare for Your Affair poetry Fall/Winter 1998
Nuno Júdice Antropologia poetry Spring/Summer 2002
Tim Kahl Ashfall poetry Fall/Winter 2001
George Kalamaras Glendive, Montana poetry Fall/Winter 1999
A Theory of Goats as Given in the River's Skin poetry Fall/Winter 1999
And the Music Comes poetry Spring/Summer 1997
Amanda Kaplan First Words poetry Spring/Summer 1997
Pearl Karrer Baja Meditations poetry Fall/Winter 2000
Jarret Keene The Texan fiction Spring/Summer 2002
Arthur Winfield Knight James Dean: The City fiction Fall/Winter 2003
James Dean: Venice fiction Fall/Winter 2003
James Dean: Wild Chickens fiction Fall/Winter 2003
James Dean: Isobel fiction Fall/Winter 2003
James Dean: Lips fiction Fall/Winter 2003
James Dean: Them Ducks fiction Fall/Winter 2003
Elizabeth Knight The Last Chapter in the Book of Winter poetry Spring/Summer 1999
Rachel and the Album of Horses poetry Spring/Summer 1998
Jeff Knorr In Our Surprise, We Are essay Fall/Winter 2003
Steelhead Fishing Under Diving Stars poetry Spring/Summer 2002
Arriving at the Shore poetry Spring/Summer 2002
At the Sullivan Ranch, Returning Home poetry Spring/Summer 2002
P. Kobylarz Object of Desire poetry Spring/Summer 2001
Ruth Kocher Vicinity poetry Spring/Summer 1999
Fire Walking poetry Spring/Summer 1999
33 poetry Spring/Summer 1999
David Kranes Walking Towards Boise fiction Fall/Winter 2000
Betsy Kulamer India in a Plague Year fiction Spring/Summer 1999
Laurie Kuntz Raising Primroses—a found poem in parts poetry Fall/Winter 2001
Dale M. Kushner Grimm's poetry Fall/Winter 2001
Thea S. Kuticka The Seamstress poetry Fall/Winter 1999
Gerry LaFemina The Translation of Want poetry Spring/Summer 1998
Susan K. Lang Half-Lives poetry Fall/Winter 2003
Daniel Langton Later poetry Spring/Summer 2000
Ted Lardner I Look at the Apple Tree Bath poetry Spring/Summer 2000
Mercedes Lawry Prague August poetry Fall/Winter 2003
Suh-Jung Lee The Day of the Dead fiction Fall/Winter 1998
Angela Lehman-Rios Dermatology poetry Fall/Winter 2003
Teresa Leo Breaking Silences: An Interview with Martín Espada interview Fall/Winter 2000
Craig Lesley Introduction introduction Spring/Summer 1997
Alexis Levitin Anthropology poetry Spring/Summer 2002
Mark Lewandowski Shallow Grave fiction Fall/Winter 2003
Roseann Lloyd Santa Clara Convent, Antigua, Guatemala poetry Fall/Winter 2000
Jennifer MacPherson Fifty-Fifth Birthday Blues poetry Spring/Summer 2001
The Crows are Fighting in the Trees Again poetry Spring/Summer 2001
Lionel de Maine Floppies fiction Spring/Summer 2002
The Leopard Skin fiction Fall/Winter 1998
Mary Makofske Traction poetry Fall/Winter 2001
James Manuel Écorché fiction Fall/Winter 2001
Black Walnut fiction Spring/Summer 2001
Sally Draw Horn fiction Fall/Winter 1999
The Stuffed Dog Man fiction Spring/Summer 1997
Jack Martin Son poetry Fall/Winter 1999
What Does Lindbergh Mean? poetry Fall/Winter 1999
Lauren's Wedding Dress poetry Spring/Summer 1998
Andrea Masters The Dancer fiction Spring/Summer 1998
Wendell Mayo A Piece of the Road fiction Fall/Winter 1999
Lee McAvoy Colors poetry Spring/Summer 2001
Finches poetry Spring/Summer 2001
Clint McCown The Power to Haunt essay Fall/Winter 2001
Some Assembly Required fiction Fall/Winter 2000
Jennifer McConnell Debris fiction Spring/Summer 2000
Walt McDonald Flying the Widow for Visits poetry Spring/Summer 2001
The Wild Desire of Rams poetry Spring/Summer 2001
Opening the Cabin in March poetry Spring/Summer 2000
Alone at Bear Lake at Dusk poetry Spring/Summer 2000
Advice I Wish I'd Been Told essay Fall/Winter 1998
Sipping Iced Tea in Silence poetry Fall/Winter 1998
Pronghorns Show Us the Way poetry Fall/Winter 1998
A Thousand Miles of Stars poetry Fall/Winter 1998
One Summer Before the War poetry Spring/Summer 1998
Fencing the Hardpan poetry Spring/Summer 1998
Boys and Collie Dogs poetry Spring/Summer 1997
Ron McFarland At the Salmon River Cafe poetry Spring/Summer 1999
Dawn McGuire The Catch poetry Fall/Winter 2001
Irene McKinney Constant Companion poetry Fall/Winter 2001
Pat McMartin The 200th National Guard, The War in the Philippines: Declassified Information poetry Spring/Summer 2001
Christopher Meeks Dear Ma fiction Fall/Winter 2001
Academy Award Afternoon and Evening fiction Fall/Winter 2000
Bill Meissner The Arrowhead poetry Fall/Winter 2003
Philip Memmer The Firekeepers poetry Fall/Winter 2003
Terrance Millet A Night with Beulah essay Fall/Winter 1999
Valerie Miner Chapter 21 from Range of Light fiction Spring/Summer 1998
Anna Monardo Our Passion fiction Fall/Winter 1999
Judith H. Montgomery Composition with Machete poetry Fall/Winter 2003
At the Metolius River, We Walk in Falling Snow poetry Spring/Summer 1998
Rodger Moody With My Sons poetry Fall/Winter 1999
Laura Rogerson Moore Gall fiction Spring/Summer 2002
Toni Morgan Tin Soldier fiction Fall/Winter 2001
Paul Morris Landscape with Ocean poetry Spring/Summer 1997
Listening to Early Duke Ellington poetry Spring/Summer 1997
Erik Muller Your Road to Fort Rock poetry Spring/Summer 1998
D.N. Muranaka Strawberry Patches poetry Spring/Summer 2001
Rabbit in the Moon poetry Spring/Summer 2001
Jim Murphy Brokers' Holiday poetry Fall/Winter 1999
The Continental's Gaming Tables poetry Fall/Winter 1999
Miguel Murphy In the Garden of This Night poetry Fall/Winter 2001
Scott Muskin A Brief History of Species Unknown fiction Spring/Summer 1999
Deborah Narin-Wells Leaving Home poetry Fall/Winter 2003
Sheryl L. Nelms Indian Summer in Bowie, Texas poetry Spring/Summer 2002
Jim Nichols The Slow Monkeys
fiction Fall/Winter 2000
B. Z. Niditch Visiting Baltimore, 1982 poetry Spring/Summer 2000
Rick Noguchi The Ocean in Two Seasons poetry Fall/Winter 1998
Naomi Shihab Nye My Friend's Divorce poetry Spring/Summer 1997
Keep Driving poetry Spring/Summer 1997
Why the Silence Still Hangs Over Eastern Oregon poetry Spring/Summer 1997
Verlena Orr Your Unfinished House
poetry Fall/Winter 2001
May Lilacs in Missoula poetry Fall/Winter 2001
Sorting Through Sister poetry Fall/Winter 1998
Lake of Jealous Women poetry Fall/Winter 1998
Break in the Cloud Cover poetry Spring/Summer 1997
Theresa Pappas Whistle poetry Spring/Summer 1999
Julie Parker The Last Cut poetry Fall/Winter 1999
Beth A. Partin Eating Her Ex-Lover poetry Spring/Summer 2001
Jacalyn Pauer Air for Emily poetry Spring/Summer 2001
Meeting the Crone poetry Spring/Summer 2001
Oliver de la Paz Fidelito Takes Flight Up a Ladder poetry Fall/Winter 1999
With the Grace of Basket Weavers poetry Fall/Winter 1999
Grounding poetry Fall/Winter 1999
In the Year of the Rat poetry Fall/Winter 1998
Simon Perchik 215 poetry Spring/Summer 1998
Paulann Petersen The Same Worlds Within You as Without poetry Spring/Summer 2002
A Bride of the World poetry Spring/Summer 2002
Half the Telling poetry Fall/Winter 1998
Driving Back poetry Fall/Winter 1998
Architecture poetry Spring/Summer 1997
Beginning with And poetry Spring/Summer 1997
Pamela Rice Porter Georgetown, Guyana and the Moments Musicaux poetry Spring/Summer 1997
Melissa Pritchard Without the Forest the Sky Will Fall fiction Spring/Summer 2001
The Near Impossible essay Fall/Winter 2000
From the Deep South to the Desert Southwest essay Spring/Summer 1997
Ladette Randolph Our Infamous Failure essay Spring/Summer 2001
What She Knows fiction Fall/Winter 1999
Dan Raphael The Body of My Earth poetry Spring/Summer 2000
If It's Summer All Around Me poetry Spring/Summer 1997
Emily Rapp-Seitz Weaving Jane fiction Spring/Summer 2001
Bruce Douglas Reeves A Craft and an Art fiction Fall/Winter 2001
Nicole Louise Reid So There fiction Fall/Winter 2001
Jendi Reiter Jerusalem Cycle: April 2002 poetry Fall/Winter 2003
Carlos Reyes After Listening to a Poem by Lisel Mueller poetry Fall/Winter 1998
JoAnne Reyes-Boitel Everyday Mambo poetry Fall/Winter 2000
Susan Rich Photograph, May 10, 1933 poetry Fall/Winter 2001
Michael Ritterbrown Jimmy's Window fiction Spring/Summer 2001
Alberto Rios The March of the Altar Boy Army essay Fall/Winter 1999
The Orange-woman, the Walnut Girl fiction Fall/Winter 1998
At the Street Parties for the 16 de Septiembre poetry Fall/Winter 1998
Some Extensions on the Sovereignty of Science poetry Fall/Winter 1998
Jane Roper Navidad fiction Fall/Winter 2003
Fernand Roqueplan The Idiot's Guide to Commonplace Behavior Like a Pro poetry Spring/Summer 2000
Operations poetry Spring/Summer 2000
Prayer For Vicente poetry Spring/Summer 1999
Lois Rosen Our Daily Bread poetry Fall/Winter 2000
Oy, Yonkers poetry Spring/Summer 2000
T. B. Rudy Deciding Somewhere North of Waleska poetry Spring/Summer 2001
Vern Rutsala Thieves poetry Spring/Summer 1998
The Muse in a Holding Pattern poetry Spring/Summer 1998
Deceptions poetry Spring/Summer 1998
Osvaldo R. Sabino Smoke and Steel: Three Tales for the End of the Century fiction Fall/Winter 2000
This Candle Burns poetry Spring/Summer 1999
Chameleon Posing with a Passport poetry Spring/Summer 1999
Incomprehension of the Interior Landscape poetry Spring/Summer 1999
She's Afraid and Believes in Her Dreams poetry Spring/Summer 1999
David Salner My Past poetry Spring/Summer 2002
Big Al's Wife poetry Spring/Summer 2002
g. anna sanchez great serpent poetry Fall/Winter 2000
Marjorie Sandor Against Defrosting essay Fall/Winter 2001
Reg Saner Winter Grasses poetry Fall/Winter 1999
Yvonne V. Sapia What It is Like to be Gone poetry Fall/Winter 2000
Tom Saya A Fleeting Green poetry Spring/Summer 2000
Lorraine Schechter Sunday Morning Early poetry Spring/Summer 2001
Tim Schell Our Extended Worry essay Fall/Winter 2003
The Dancing Gorilla fiction Spring/Summer 2002
Willa Schneberg Counseling in Phnom Penh poetry Spring/Summer 2000
Storytelling in Cambodia poetry Spring/Summer 2000
Yvette A. Schnoeker-Shorb Besting the Mouse poetry Spring/Summer 2001
Haunted Blossom poetry Spring/Summer 2001
Shane Seely West Nile poetry Spring/Summer 2002
Gregory Sellers Elegy for Those Not Yet Departed poetry Spring/Summer 2000
Questions Above the World Below poetry Spring/Summer 2000
Elegy with a Bird's Shadow poetry Fall/Winter 1998
Holes in Heaven poetry Fall/Winter 1998
What the Wind Says poetry Spring/Summer 1997
Death Rattle poetry Spring/Summer 1997
Lynn Shaffer Crow Summer poetry Fall/Winter 2001
Steven Sher At the Luckiamute River poetry Spring/Summer 1999
An End to Winter, Western Oregon poetry Spring/Summer 1999
At the Willamette River poetry Spring/Summer 1998
My Father's Cheek poetry Spring/Summer 1998
Tom Sheehan Before Fishing, #10 Can poetry Spring/Summer 2002
Derek Sheffield The Saxophone poetry Spring/Summer 2002
William Sheldon Catching My Breath poetry Fall/Winter 2000
Fecund July poetry Fall/Winter 2000
After the Zoo poetry Fall/Winter 2000
Vivian Shipley Driving with My Father in Winter Park, Florida poetry Fall/Winter 1998
Linda K. Sienkiewicz An Afternoon Alone poetry Spring/Summer 2001
The Lesson poetry Spring/Summer 2001
Ann Silsbee Old Willa Speaks Out poetry Spring/Summer 2002
Anita Skeen What Remains poetry Fall/Winter 1999
Carol Sklenicka Looking for Raymond Carver's Birthplace essay Spring/Summer 1999
Floyd Skloot Burning Deadfall poetry Fall/Winter 1999
Wake poetry Fall/Winter 1999
Bedridden poetry Spring/Summer 1998
Judith Slater Chester, Resurrected fiction Fall/Winter 2000
Thomas R. Smith Headlights poetry Spring/Summer 2001
Questions on the Road at Sunset poetry Spring/Summer 1997
The Painted Turtle poetry Spring/Summer 1997
Marin Sorescu I Caught a Glimpse of Light poetry Spring/Summer 2000
The Whistle poetry Spring/Summer 2000
Creation poetry Spring/Summer 2000
Douglas Spangle Tourists poetry Spring/Summer 1999
Twenty Below poetry Spring/Summer 1999
Cassie Sparkman He is the Sorrow poetry Fall/Winter 2003
Minton Sparks Childhood Paints—a Tennessee/Florida
poetry Fall/Winter 2001
Sorrow Knows This Dress poetry Fall/Winter 2001
Kathleen Walsh Spencer A Lapse in Judgment poetry Spring/Summer 2002
Memorizing Mother on the 17th Green poetry Spring/Summer 2002
Mark Spitzer Gitting Myself a Garfish essay Spring/Summer 2002
Sheila Squillante Valentine poetry Spring/Summer 2001
On Maui, In Praise poetry Spring/Summer 2001
Kevin Stein The Hammer essay Spring/Summer 2002
Juliet Prowse and the Cast of Can-Can Dance for Nikita Khrushchev, Hollywood, 1959 poetry Spring/Summer 2000
Love Poem Penciled Above April's Sad Math poetry Spring/Summer 2000
Politics of Mop and Sponge poetry Spring/Summer 2000
Inheritance poetry Spring/Summer 1998
Rhetoric poetry Spring/Summer 1998
Robert Stubblefield Lateral Moves fiction Spring/Summer 1997
Virgil Suárez Review of Keene, Jarrett, Monster Fashion review Fall/Winter 2003
Vandal's Moon poetry Spring/Summer 2002
The Rejectors
poetry Fall/Winter 2001
Cristo Danse on the Way to El Cavario poetry Fall/Winter 2001
The Anatomy of a Poetry Contest essay Fall/Winter 2000
Los Murcielagos/The Bats poetry Fall/Winter 2000
La Noche poetry Fall/Winter 2000
Grease fiction Spring/Summer 2000
Vespers on the Anniversary of My Father's Death poetry Spring/Summer 2000
Poem for My Father poetry Spring/Summer 2000
Half Time poetry Fall/Winter 1998
Kevin Sullivan By Barbed-wire Fences poetry Fall/Winter 1998
Marian Szczepanski Moon Rite fiction Fall/Winter 2003
Eileen Tabios Indran Amirthanayagam Salvages History Through Poetry essay Spring/Summer 1998
Auguste Rodin's "The Three Shades" poetry Spring/Summer 1997
Geronimo G. Tagatac The Center of the World fiction Spring/Summer 2000
Ross Talarico Welcome to Utah, Still the Right Place poetry Spring/Summer 2000
Technology poetry Spring/Summer 2000
Jane Taylor The Tall Grass Prairie poetry Spring/Summer 1998
Alice Templeton The Fascination of Ruin poetry Fall/Winter 2003
Molly Tenenbaum Where He Rested poetry Fall/Winter 1999
Susan Terris States of Mind: A Meditation on Places I've Never Been poetry Fall/Winter 2000
The Woman on Death Row Watches TV poetry Fall/Winter 1999
Elizabeth Thelen Requiem poetry Spring/Summer 2002
John R. Thelin Duets at Dusk poetry Fall/Winter 1999
Stacy Thieszen Riding fiction Fall/Winter 2000
A. F. Thomas Chore poetry Fall/Winter 2001
Susan Thomas Ghazal of Jorge Garcia poetry Fall/Winter 2003
Among Angelic Orders fiction Spring/Summer 2002
Gary Thompson The Fathers poetry Fall/Winter 1998
Camp Cup poetry Fall/Winter 1998
Precious Days poetry Spring/Summer 1997
God's Interest poetry Spring/Summer 1997
Ruth Thompson My Father Lived in Silence poetry Fall/Winter 2000
Ann Tweedy Taking Stock poetry Fall/Winter 2001
Leslie Ullman Earth, Fire, Air and Water in the 21st Century poetry Fall/Winter 2003
Pamela Uschuck The Night My Father Became an Aborigine poetry Spring/Summer 1997
Jonathan Vaile Headline: Boys' Room poetry Spring/Summer 1998
Antonio Vallone My Grandmother's Breasts poetry Spring/Summer 2001
Like No Other poetry Spring/Summer 2001
Ryan G. Van Cleave Music Theory as, or the Magical Breasts of Brittany Spears poetry Fall/Winter 2003
Garbage Truck, Hearse Driver poetry Fall/Winter 2000
Peter Van Gelder Rocky Mountain High essay Fall/Winter 2000
Linda M. Vogt Twice Tasted Life: A Review of Priscilla L. Buckley's String of Pearls: On the News Beat in New York and Paris review Fall/Winter 2001
Dorothy Wall Staying Home essay Fall/Winter 2003
Stephen Wallin Spelunking the Skull poetry Fall/Winter 2000
After Thereafter poetry Fall/Winter 2000
poets in the lower case: Pacific Northwestern Spiritual Poetry review Fall/Winter 1999
Fritz Ward Studio 6B poetry Spring/Summer 2002
Thom Ward Harvest Festival, Tahaughnik, New York
poetry Fall/Winter 2001
Enough poetry Fall/Winter 2001
Bill Puckett's Farm poetry Fall/Winter 1999
When the Mother of the Bride Is Dying poetry Fall/Winter 1999
What I Like About the Fog poetry Spring/Summer 1998
After the Haying poetry Spring/Summer 1998
As This is Our Century poetry Spring/Summer 1998
David Warfield Terms of Service fiction Spring/Summer 2001
Laura Lee Washburn You Force These People So Disturbing
poetry Fall/Winter 2001
New Marriage poetry Fall/Winter 2001
Women in Photos poetry Fall/Winter 1998
Miles Garrett Watson What We Never Want poetry Fall/Winter 2000
Charles Harper Webb One More Reason Why I Won't Be
poetry Spring/Summer 2002
My Father's First Wife poetry Spring/Summer 2001
Wrong Numbers poetry Fall/Winter 1999
Amy Sage Webb Lost and Found fiction Spring/Summer 2001
Blood essay Fall/Winter 1999
Mary Ann Wehler At Ten, I was a Boy, Sometimes poetry Fall/Winter 2003
Julie Weston Idaho Surprise fiction Fall/Winter 1999
Elizabeth Wetmore Where are you from? fiction Spring/Summer 2002
Rob Whitbeck The Night Work poetry Fall/Winter 2000
Flensberger Bahnhof poetry Fall/Winter 2000
Anthony Russell White These Bones Remember poetry Spring/Summer 2001
To Be a Wooded Island in Frederick Sound poetry Spring/Summer 2001
Counting My Feathers poetry Fall/Winter 2000
Grace Willetts Bitter Fruit fiction Fall/Winter 2003
Crystal Williams Friendly's poetry Fall/Winter 2003
Paul Willis Nuclear Family
poetry Fall/Winter 2001
Filius poetry Fall/Winter 2001
Hot Springs Trail poetry Spring/Summer 1998
Elaine Winer Summer's End
fiction Spring/Summer 1998
Steven Winn Keeping Silence essay Fall/Winter 2000
Mary Winters Bedsprings poetry Fall/Winter 1999
Not Being There When I Need You poetry Fall/Winter 1999
Scott Withiam What It Is poetry Spring/Summer 1999
And So It Will Be poetry Spring/Summer 1998
Demetrice Anntía Worley White Lines poetry Fall/Winter 2000
Victoria Wyttenberg A Time to Cast Away Stones poetry Fall/Winter 2003
Sandra Yannone Grief poetry Fall/Winter 1999
The Marginal Way poetry Fall/Winter 1999
Scott Yarbrough Enter the Snake Boy, Around Midnight fiction Fall/Winter 2003
Tricia Yost Midwestern Belief poetry Spring/Summer 2002

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