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Beckian Fritz Goldberg On the Stairway
Clint McCown The Power to Haunt
Sheyene Foster Heller Stories You've Heard Before
Priscilla L. Buckley Excerpt from String of Pearls
Jason DeBoer The Flavor of Absinthe
Marjorie Sandor Against Defrosting
Rick Christman A Fiction Writer Writes Poetry
Nicole Louise Reid

So There
Winner of the 2001 Willamette Award in Fiction
Winner of the Peter and Jean de Maine Award for an Emerging Writer in Fiction

Bruce Douglas Reeves A Craft and an Art
Christopher Meeks Dear Ma
James Manuel Écorché
William J. Cobb The Decline of King Fabulous
Toni Morgan Tin Soldier
Rick Christman For the Love of Kathleen
Annie Dawid Boy at the Piano
James Braziel The Old Dog
Dawn McGuire The Catch
Co-Winner of the 2001 Willamette Award in Poetry
Beth Ellen Anstandig The List of Grave Disappointments Lengthens
Co-Winner of the 2001 Willamette Award in Poetry
Tami Haaland After
Paul Willis Nuclear Family
Susan Browne Love Match
Minton Sparks Childhood Paints—a Tennessee/Florida
Sorrow Knows This Dress
Laurie Kuntz Raising Primroses—a found poem in parts
Susan Rich Photograph, May 10, 1933
Finley Bullard Evans King and Byrd
Laura A. Johnson Principles of Uncertainty: Outside White Sands
Karen Craigo Escaped Housewife Grocery Shops at Dawn
Escaped Housewife Sprouts a Dick
Dale M. Kushner Grimm's
Albert Garcia Loquat
Eeling, North of Tomales
Virgil Suárez The Rejectors
Cristo Danse on the Way to El Cavario
Deron Burton Natural Mutation of the Noble Pinot Noir
Verlena Orr Your Unfinished House
May Lilacs in Missoula
Thom Ward Harvest Festival, Tahaughnik, New York
Dian Holland Seer
Laura Lee Washburn You Force These People So Disturbing
New Marriage
Irene McKinney Constant Companion
Eugene Gloria Allegra with Spirit
Brian Daldorph Domingo says
Mary Makofske Traction
Jan Lee Ande Ode to the Avocado
A. F. Thomas Chore
Lee Cooper Tutoring Long Division
Miguel Murphy In the Garden of This Night
Frank Johnson The Starving Time
Tim Kahl Ashfall
Dancing Bear Sonnet
Karen Benke Free Fall
Linda Bosson Moon Laundry
Jen Bryant The One Chosen to Be IT
Ann Tweedy Taking Stock
Robert Cooperman Father Abraham
Sean Gillihan The Many Uses of Water
Christian Horlick Heaven & Lake
Lynn Shaffer Crow Summer
Holly Hunt The Bullet in His Mind
Linda K. Hoard Written on Bed Rest
Linda M. Vogt Twice Tasted Life: A Review of Priscilla L. Buckley's String of Pearls: On the News Beat in New York and Paris


Volume V, Issue 2

Cover image by
Dean Shapiro
"The White Dress" (1999)

acrylic on wood panels,
72" x 48"

Kate Gray
Tim Schell
Brad Stiles

Copy Editors
Beverly Froehlich
Allison Gerfin

Diane Angelo

Published by Clackamas Literary Review, in print and on the web at,, and
Copyright 2001-2002, Clackamas Community College