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Kate Gray

Editor's Note

Jeff Knorr In Our Surprise, We Are
Tim Schell Our Extended Worry
Lisa D. Chavez Guns
Dorothy Wall Staying Home
Mary Carroll-Hackett Life Line
Mark Lewandowski Shallow Grave
Jane Roper Navidad
Marian Szczepanski Moon Rite
Terry Bain We Wait and Watch the Windows
Grace Willetts Bitter Fruit
Arthur Winfield Knight James Dean: The City
  James Dean: Venice
  James Dean: Wild Chickens
  James Dean: Isobel
  James Dean: Lips
  James Dean: Them Ducks
Alex Carey Gatos
Scott Yarbrough Enter the Snake Boy, Around Midnight
Stacy Bierlein A Vacation on the Island of Ex-Boyfriends
Stephanie Coyne DeGhett The Solace of Apparent Danger
Judith Barrington Ineradicable
Susan Thomas Ghazal of Jorge Garcia
Alice Templeton The Fascination of Ruin
Heather Brittain Bergstrom Naming Trees
Wayne Cox Mediterranean
Mercedes Lawry Prague August
Katie Ford Darkest Where It Is Exposed to the Most Light
Judith H. Montgomery Composition with Machete
Stephen Benz Border Town
Sean Thomas Dougherty Nightshift Belonging to Lorca
Mary Ann Wehler At Ten, I was a Boy, Sometimes
Kelly Cass Falzone Cannibal Mother
Deborah Narin-Wells Leaving Home
Craig Crist-Evans Original Sin
Anne Babson Nixon Resigning
Joseph W. Curran The Age of Impotence
Jennifer Cailin Boyden Covetous
  Something to Go by
Ryan G. Van Cleave Music Theory as, or the Magical Breasts of Brittany Spears
Suzanne K. Lang Half-Lives
Angela Lehman-Rios Dermatology
Jendi Reiter Jerusalem Cycle: April 2002
Robin Leslie Jacobson The Glass House
Crystal Williams Friendly's
Kevin A. Gonzalez Loteria
Michael Johnson How to Jump Off a Building
Christopher Howell Yellow
Kathleen Flenniken Prayer Animals
Philip Memmer The Firekeepers
Victoria Wyttenberg A Time to Cast Away Stones
Cassie Sparkman He is the Sorrow
Trish Lindsey Jaggers The Cutting Lesson
Bill Meissner The Arrowhead
Leslie Ullman Earth, Fire, Air and Water in the 21st Century
Virgil Suárez Review of Keene, Jarrett, Monster Fashion


Volume VI, Issue 2

Cover image by
Martha Pfanschmidt
"Anger Into Love"
egg tempera

Kate Gray
Brad Stiles

Copy Editors
Beverly L. Froehlich
Amy Squier

Diane Angelo

dedicated to Pat McMartin

Published by Clackamas Literary Review, in print and on the web at,, and
Copyright 2001-2002, Clackamas Community College