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Charlotte HoggI'm a Believer
Joe AbbottHawks
H. Lee BarnesHueco Tanks
Geronimo G. TagatacThe Center of the World
Virgil SuárezGrease
Jennifer McConnellDebris
Rick ChristmanThe Power of Prayer
Peter Ho DaviesScenes from a Long Distance Relationship
Chris FinkBird of Paradise
Stacy BierleinStalking Is a Dance
Julie GardPresents
Daniel ChacónGodoy Lives
Winner of the Peter and Jean de Maine Award for an Emerging Writer in Fiction
Ron CarlsonThe Pirate Story
Marilyn ChinWhere We Live Now (Vol. 3, #4)
Lisa ChavezThe White Professor Holds Forth on Indians
Melissa Monday BrownAlison
Allen BradenValentine
 Blood on the Lintel
Virgil SuárezVespers on the Anniversary of My Father's Death
 Poem for My Father
Walt McDonaldOpening the Cabin in March
 Alone at Bear Lake at Dusk
Shaun T. GriffinThe Bony Path to Family, Wheeler Peak Trailhead,10,000 Feet
 She Leaves
Sarah Richards DoerriesSeason of the Insects
Willa SchnebergCounseling in Phnom Penh
 Storytelling in Cambodia
Joseph DuemerCatastrophe Theory
 The Color of Poppies
Lynn HoggardWhat I Don't Want to Live Without
 Torturing the Rat
Gregory Sellers Elegy for Those Not Yet Departed
 Questions Above the World Below
Daniel LangtonLater
Fernand RoqueplanThe Idiot's Guide to Commonplace Behavior Like a Pro
John GarmonJoe D Is History
 The Day DiMaggio Died
Kevin SteinJuliet Prowse and the Cast of Can-Can Dance for Nikita Khrushchev, Hollywood, 1959
  Love Poem Penciled above April's Sad Math
 Politics of Mop and Sponge
B.Z. NiditchVisiting Baltimore, 1982
Lois RosenOy, Yonkers
Ross TalaricoWelcome to Utah, Still the Right Place
Ted LardnerI Look at the Apple Tree Bath
James GrabillCertain Family
 How Do Workhorses Serve but Stay Whole?
Dan RaphaelThe Body of My Earth
Tom SayaA Fleeting Green
Herman AsarnowPanorama
 Seeking Home
Tess GallagherThe Rooster Crows
Marin SorescuI Caught a Glimpse of Light
 The Whistle
Holly HuntThe Wingless Can't Say Why: Review of Gary Thompson's On John Muir's Trail

Spring/Summer 2000
Volume IV, Issue 1
Spring/Summer 2000 cover Cover image by
Susan Kuznitsky
"Hill Tribe Mother and Child"

Jeff Knorr
Tim Schell

Contributing Editors
David Mount
Craig Lesley
Allen Widerburg
Kate Gray
Brad Stiles

Copy Editors
Beverly Froehlich
Christy Hurt

Diane Angelo

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