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Ladette RandolphOur Infamous Failure
Joe Hill The Saved
James Manuel Black Walnut
Michael Ritterbrown Jimmy's Window
H. Lee BarnesCandescent
David Warfield Terms of Service
Walt Foreman Former Marine Dies of Hypothermia
Amy Sage WebbLost and Found
Emily Rapp-Seitz Weaving Jane
Melissa Pritchard Without the Forest the Sky Will Fall
D.N. Muranaka Strawberry Patches
 Rabbit in the Moon
Alicia Beale At Three A.M.
David Jordan White Dove
  Meteor Shower
Antonio ValloneMy Grandmother's Breasts
 Like No Other
T. B. Rudy Deciding Somewhere North of Waleska
Yvette Schnoeker-Shorb Besting the Mouse
 Haunted Blossom
Carol Frith The Bearing Fig
Thomas R. Smith Headlights
Henry J. Hughes After it Burns
Lee McAvoy Colors
Julianne Bonnet A Poem Called Apple Picking
  American Painter
Earl Coleman A Palette Knife
Ace Boggess Ghost Club
Brad Buchannon The Exhumation
Sheila Squillante Valentine
  On Maui, In Praise
Walt McDonald Flying the Widow for Visits
  The Wild Desire of Rams
Pat McMartin The 200th National Guard, The War in the Philippines: Declassified Information
Marilyn Gabriel Deep Memory
Charles Harper Webb My Father's First Wife
Jennifer MacPherson Fifty-Fifth Birthday Blues
  Crows Are Fighting in the Trees Again
Linda K. Sienkiewicz An Afternoon Alone
 The Lesson
Rachel Squires BloomWho's This Girl in the Picture
Lenore BalliroBone Poem
Jacalyn PauerAir for Emily
 Meeting the Crone
Susan DenningFeng Shui
 I'm Impulsive
Leslie ClasonDarkroom
 The Weavers
P. KobylarzObject of Desire
Beth A. PartinEating Her Ex-Lover
Lorraine SchechterSunday Morning Early
Mike CatalanoThe Mariner
Anthony Russell White    These Bones Remember
 To Be a Wooded Island in Frederick Sound
Richard HolingerThe Art of Eating Angel Fish
 The Plumber
Kate GrayPracticing a Gentle Art: Review of Bart Edelman's The Gentle Man
 A Triumph of Chicanery: Review of Daniel Chacón's Chicano Chicanery

Spring/Summer 2001
Volume V, Issue 1
Spring/Summer 2001 cover Cover image by
David Andersen
"See the Fruit-Faced Boy"

Jeff Knorr
Tim Schell
Brad Stiles

Contributing Editors
David Mount
Craig Lesley
Allen Widerburg
Kate Gray

Copy Editors
Beverly Froehlich
Allison Gerfin
Isabel James

Diane Angelo

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Copyright 2001-2002, Clackamas Community College