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Kate Gray & Brad Stiles

Editors' Note

Mark Spitzer Gitting Myself a Garfish
Kevin Stein The Hammer
Tim Schell The Dancing Gorilla
Henry Alley Afternoons with Klaatu
Susan Thomas Among Angelic Orders
Laura Rogerson Moore Gall
Elizabeth Wetmore Where are you from?
Joe Hill The Widow's Breakfast
Peter Chilson Disturbance Loving Species
Chris Fink Horseface Cunningham Breaks His Maiden
Jarret Keene The Texan
Lionel de Maine Floppies
Jeff Knorr Steelhead Fishing Under Diving Stars
Arriving at the Shore
At the Sullivan Ranch, Returning Home
Fritz Ward Studio 6B
Jayson Iwen Practice
Cheryl Dumesnil Bernal Heights
Elizabeth Thelen Requiem
Paulann Petersen The Same Worlds Within You as Without
A Bride of the World
Tom Sheehan Before Fishing, #10 Can
Kathleen Walsh Spencer A Lapse in Judgment
Memorizing Mother on the 17th Green
David Salner My Past
Big Al's Wife
Kay Grindland Things Fall
Ann Silsbee Old Willa Speaks Out
Derek Sheffield The Saxophone
Loren Graham Homeopathy
David Filer Old Apples
Diane Hueter Icicles
Beverly Froehlich Lucky You
Jess Burnquist Postpartum
Charles Harper Webb One More Reason Why I Won't Be
Virgil Suárez Vandal's Moon
Jim Daniels The Taste
Matthew Jehiel Dickman Apology and Two Souls
Sheryl L. Nelms Indian Summer in Bowie, Texas
Tricia Yost Midwestern Belief
Nuno Júdice Antropologia
Alexis Levitin, trans. Anthropology
Shane Seely West Nile
Eileen Hennessy Death of a Firefighter
Linda Bamber The Tower
Linda Avila I Could Not Tell
Leslie J. Brett Moon Lingering
Susan Erickson All Things Lesser
The Wing Bone of a Crane

Spring/Summer 2002
Volume VI, Issue 1

Cover image by
Baba Wagué Diakité
"Entering Civilization" (1997)
handbuilt earthenware,
24" h x 16½"
Photo by: Dale Montgomery

Kate Gray
Brad Stiles

Copy Editors
Beverly Froehlich
Allison Gerfin

Diane Angelo

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Copyright 2001-2002, Clackamas Community College