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1 year (2 issues): $10.00
2 years (4 issues): $18.00
3 years (6 issues): $26.00
Subscriptions will begin with the most recently published issue of CLR. Previous issues are available for separate purchase.
Individual issues
Fall/Winter 2003 $6.00
Spring/Summer 2002 $6.00
Fall/Winter 2001 $6.00
Spring/Summer 2001 Spring/Summer 2001 $6.00
Fall/Winter 2000 Fall/Winter 2000 $6.00
Spring/Summer 2000 Spring/Summer 2000 $6.00
Fall/Winter 1999 Fall/Winter 1999 $6.00
Spring/Summer 1999 Spring/Summer 1999 $6.00
Fall/Winter 1998 Fall/Winter 1998 $6.00
Spring/Summer 1998 Spring/Summer 1998 $6.00
Spring/Summer 1997 Spring/Summer 1997 $6.00

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