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Vespers on the Anniversary of My Father's Death

at night the moths flock
to light, blinded, like your eyes
dulled and muted against pain

and the slap-zap of those paddles,
furious at the electricity of revival,
and you would not come back,

a tube wormed deep into lungs,
one last gasp, a squish of blood
working against the body's

need to go home now, sixty years
of travel on dirt roads, oxen carts,
a lulling of some distant cow's bell,

a cane field wind-swept like this
memory of flickering lights,
like you once told me that in Key

West if you looked hard and long
enough out into the water-distance
you could see the lights of Havana,

a shimmering beacon
on the horizon, and like insects
we are all attracted to this light,

good night, father, the lights are on.

Printed in the Spring/Summer 2000 issue of CLR

Virgil Suárez

Virgil Suárez was born in Havana, Cuba in 1962. He is the author of four published novels: Latin Jazz, The Cutter, Havana Thursdays, and Going Under, and of a collection of short stories titled Welcome to the Oasis.

He teaches Creative Writing and Latino/a and Caribbean Literature at Florida State University in Tallahassee, Florida where he lives with his family.

You Come Singing, a new collection of poems, is out from Tia Chuca Press/Northwestern University, as well as the limited edition book of poems titled Garabato Poems (Wings Press, San Antonio.) In The Republic of Longing, a new collection, is due out in the Spring of 2000 from Bilingual Review Press/Arizona State University.

You can find Virgil Suárez on the web at:
—  Florida State University
—  Barcelona Review
—  Meridian
—  Garabato Poems
—  Poetry Daily
—  Amazon
—  Barnes & Noble

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