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For $195, your ad will be placed on the main page of the Contemporary Poetry Review, where approximately 20,000 readers will see it for one month. This is significantly cheaper than ads in print magazines, and reaches a much larger audience. The Contemporary Poetry Review is also a member of Web del Sol, one of the largest literary sites in the world. Therefore, some ads placed with the CPR will appear both on the main site and the mirror site at Web del Sol

Standard Monthly Rate: $195
One-time Special Quarterly Rate: three months for only $390
One-time Special Annual Rate: twelve months for only $1200

Contemporary Poetry Review is ranked in the top 5 sites on search engines, such as Google, with common keywords such as "poetry reviews" or "poetry criticism." This year, it averaged about 700 pageviews and 400 sessions each day. For 2005, the site recorded the following statistics:

Hits: 1,290,210
Pageviews: 178,731

30 days net. 15% commission to recognized advertising agencies. Prepayment may be required of some advertisers.

Images and copy are due 1 week prior to the first day of the month advertised.

Button Ad File: GIF format. Dimensions from 86 pixels W x 86 pixels H. to 140 pixels W x 180 pixels H. Size 20K max.  

All online ads include a link to your website. Please specify the web address (URL). For more information, contact the editor.


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