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Bibliomania is an archive of various electronic texts, including 25 of Shakespeare's plays, some 60 novels, and an unabridged dictionary. The collected poems of William Blake and Rupert Brooke, as well the contents of the Oxford Book of English Verse (1900) are also available.

Bartleby contains the complete texts of 16 pre-1920 anthologies and 42 famous, pre-1920 volumes of poetry by individual authors are available here; several thousand poems in total.

The Contemporary American Poetry Archive is an electronic archive designed to make out-of-print volumes of contemporary American poetry available to readers, scholars, and researchers.

American and English Literature Online is a meta-list of online texts of English and American poetry. Part of the Internet School Library Media Center.

American Verse Project is an organization for the acquisition, creation and maintenance of electronic texts which includes a bibliography and a mission statement.
150 American poetry books published before 1920, in their entirety. 

Archive of World Poetry contains classic poetry from around the world, most of which is British and American.

British Poetry 1780-1910 is a hypertext archive of scholarly editions from the Electronic Text Center, University of Virginia.

CARRIE lists texts archived at various locations all across the internet and includes a searchable database feature.

Classical Christian Poetry is a selection of poems from Christian poets of various eras.

CMU Poetry Index of Canonical Verse is a searchable archive of online texts from a wide range of recognized poets, both historical and contemporary.

Poetry Archives is an educational resource dedicated to researching poetry. It includes an online archive of poetry by numerous recognized poets.

The Academy of American Poets is a searchable database of world poetry belonging to the Academy of American Poets.
This site is one of best places to go for 20th-century American poets. 

Literature of the French Middle Ages is an extensive list of online texts and illustrations from the French Middle Ages. Many Old French and some Latin texts, and translations into modern languages.

The Online Medieval and Classical Library is an extensive online archive, which includes numerous annotated texts and links to further related resources.

The Poetry Archives is an educational resource dedicated to poetry research, with e-texts of over 3,000 poems by 63 poets.

The Poetry Searcher is a searchable database of poems from antiquity to the nineteenth century. Good for English translations of non-English poems.

Poets' Corner is a collection containing
5,574 poems by 648 poets in various categories. Works range from medieval times to the early 20th century.

Representative Poetry On-line
  is a collection of poetry, edited by members of the Department of English at the University of Toronto, from 1912 to the present.
More than 1,000 poems are indexed by poet, title and first line.

Luminarium: Medieval & Renaissance English Literature contains works by many major figures of this period with commentary and annotations.

Project Gutenberg contains more than 1,000 English-language books--mostly literature and pre-1920. There are more than 200 books with the keyword "poems" in the title.
Carnegie-Mellon University's Poetry Index contains mostly pre-1950 work; many longer poems/books of poems; it allows keyword searching of texts.

MIT's Internet Classics Archive is a searchable collection of over 400 classical Greek and Latin texts (in English translation).

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