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American Book Reviews:

The New York Review of Books is America's premier book review. This website has a complete and searchable index of previously published articles, dating back to 1963.

Arts and Letters Daily reprints interesting articles from many of the finest intellectual journals and newspapers in the English-speaking world.

Book maintains a website full of reviews, author interviews, and updates from the publishing world.

The Boston Review publishes most of the fiction and poetry from its print-version on its website as well. It also reviews poetry regularly.

The New Republic is one of the most distinguished American journals, and reviews poetry often and well.

The New Criterion is essential reading since it boasts some of the finest poetry reviewers in the world, including William Logan, John Simon, and D. S. Carne-Ross.

The Hungry Mind Review also reviews collections of poetry on occasion.

British Book Reviews:

The Times Literary Supplement is the UK's most prestigious review of literature.

The London Review of Books has a fine website as well.

Books Unlimited is run by both The Guardian and The Observer, and its poetry review section is the most extensive of any British review.

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