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The History of Pigments
James Grinwis

How much you know versus what.
A green sweater or a red one.
Our thought processes intersect
and result in steam trains
smashing into each other.
The spirituality of the color blue.
What a shade means: how many
transparencies of some sort.
Look, my self is here,
like a soap-dish, a sweater
very, very frayed.
I didn’t think a person could be
worn like this. To be cast.
To be cinnabar and ultramine.
I am the quiet one who leaves
a good tip. I am not going where
the blue left. I don’t want to read
right now about attic vases
or approaches to the study of.
A hoof burned us the other day
and it stung like a drum.
Lost in the crisscross scenario,
I was a pulse, there were toads’ feet
rippling down the hill so that
the hill learned how hair felt.
We haven’t fallen
we’ve only grown thin.
Are you interesting or have you
used a kind of claw to make
us seem so complete? In terms
of motive, there were many who
believed in a reddish splotch,
a twisted form of praise.

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