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Jerry Lee and I Go to Obedience School

Julie King

We’ll take baby-steps with him, the trainer says as she tries
to feed Jerry a pupperoni. He buries his head in my armpit
while the rest of the puppies romp and eat pupcorn provided
by delighted owners. I place Jerry on the floor. He claws up
my leg, back into my lap. Jerry knows how to sit. He can wait
and give paw. He’s as smart as any goddamned dog.

One smooth-skinned owner praises her smiling Afghan,
leads him past Jerry to play with a Rhodesian Ridgeback.
Jerry Lee, the Chihuahua/coyote/dingo vomits on my cut-offs.
I bundle Jerry and my backpack and my pimples to leave as
the trainer calls Baby-steps! Fuck you and you and you, I say
under my dry breath. Jerry licks my cursing mouth. Good dog.


Copyright © Julie King

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