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Issue #145: Fall 2003

     Melissa Monroe - Night Patrol
     Richard Lyons - Two Poems
     John Kinsella - Two Poems
     Sarah Livingston - On the Impeding Collapse
     Farah Marklevits - The Rigors of Modern Life
     Anna Ziegler - My Son, Who Now Knows Everything
     Michael Atkinson - For Sharon
     Jean Kane - Two Poems
     GinnaKarla S. Nicolas - In the Woods with Mahjong
     James Morgan - Big E
     Gaylord Brewer - Two Poems
     Leigh Anne Cough - Two Poems

     Eli Hastings - In the Mouth of the Bull
     Britton Gildersleeve - Review of Andrew Schelling's
          Wild Form, Savage Grammar: Poetry Ecology Asia
     Thomas Luedtke - Review of Italo Svevo's
          Zeno's Conscience
     Andrea Adolph - Review of Helen Dunmore's The Siege

     Katie Hays - Smell
     Scott Landers - Loved Thing
     Gary Fincke - "Have You Seen My Wife?"

     Elizabeth Dewberry - Goddesses in Distress

Front and Back Cover 
     Dee Rimbaud

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