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Issue #146: Winter 2004

     Stephen Cramer - Two Poems
     Gu Cheng (trans. by Aaron Crippen) - Three Poems
     Grace Schulman - Letter from Nicaragua
     Kate Hinnant - Decapitated Fly's Head
     Yun Wang - Two Poems
     Bryan Dietrich - The Slave Traders of Gor
     Brian R. Lutz - Two Poems
     Stephen Palermo - Just After Winter
     Andrew Kozma - Two Poems
     Dustin Nightingale - Song
     Catherine Moran - Learning the Steps
     Jason Roush - Four Poems
     Eric Reymond - To Ohio
     Amy MacLennan - Not the Colosseum
     Shanta Acharya - At the Edge of the World
     Raza Ali Hasan - Sukarno
     Larry Rapant - Sleep Over
     Barbara Presnell - Two Poems
     Adam Penna - Two Poems
     Boyer Rickel - Correlative

     Michael Casey - BMW Christman

     Stanley Radhuber - The French Lesson
     Whiteny Bemis - Skin
     Richard Wirick - Peaceable Kingdom
     Joshua Malbin - Goose
     Jeanne Sirotkin - Wrestling the Bear
     J. Erin Sweeney - The Cat's Rituals

Front and Back Cover 
     Christian Pitt

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