Cimarron Review
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Issue #147: Spring 2004

     Richard Teleky - Three Poems
     Nick Foster - Three Poems
     Debbie Urbanski - Five Poems
     Lauren Goodwin - Two Poems
     Andrew Schelling - Three Poems
     Chanda Feldman - True Autumn
     Elizabeth Rees - Morning Drive to Ijamsville
     Katherine Riegel - Revelations
     Frank Matagrano - In the Unedited Version of 
                                            a Certain Year
     Charles Harper Webb - His Chance to be the Premier
                                                     Poet of His Time
     Abby Hubenthal - The Fallen Girl
     Catherine Neuhardt-Minor - Trap
     John Davis - The Return
     Carolyne Wright - Three Poems
     Dean Kostos - Nostalgia for Now
     Missy-Marie Montgomery - What the World Asks
     Paul Gasbara - Two Poems
     Ken Autrey - Horses Below the Volcano
     Ravi Shankar (Interpolated from the Sanskrit of 
          Adi Shankaracharya) - Bhaja Govindam Verse Four

     Michael Danko - Rolling in Idyll

     Regina Su Magnum - Momentum
     Bradley Greenburg - Insurance
     Nicole Mazzarella - Weeding
     Katherine Toy Miller - Saving Herself for Julian Markov
     Deno Trakas - Pretty Pitiful God

Front and Back Cover 
     Thomas L. Kelly 

Contributor's Notes

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