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Issue #149: Fall 2004

     Mike Elms - The Scarecrow
     Jennifer Kwon Dobbs - Homage to the DMZ
     Amanda Auchter - Photograph, April 1956
     Mary Ann Hudson -  Dumb Cane 
     Rick Bursky - The First Decision of Morning
     Kristi Wilson - Undressing
     Alan Broughton - The Garden
     Katherine Lucas Anderson - Offering
     Susanne Kort - Gavotte
     Timothy Fox - Flushed
     Caroline Goodwin - Oranges
     John Freeman - The Hollows
     John Sterling Gilbertson - The World
     Michael Hettich - Several Kinds of Privacy
     Bill Rector - Robert
     Gannon Daniels - I have lived within one end
                                         of his vicissitudes
     David Lawrence - Pond Scum
     Michelle Bonczek - Brainstorm
     Gerard Malanga - Two Poems
     Mimi Khalvati - Three Poems
     Rebecca Aronson - Two Poems
     Cynthia Schwartzberg Edlow - Two Poems                           

     Mark Halliday - The Other Guy's Version

     Peter Gordon - The Reading
     David Philip Mullins - A Familiar Place
     Roger Yepsen - Domestic Goo
     Jason Roeder - Suspension

Front and Back Cover, Photography Insert
     Shane Brown - Six Photographs

Contributor's Notes

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