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Issue #150: Winter 2005

     Brian Turner - Two Poems
     Reneé Roehl - Give Us This Day
     Paul Muldoon - Turtles
     Dale M. Kushner - Refuge
     Yvonne Green - Four Poems
     Alex Lemon - MRI
     Susanna Childress - My Husband Giving Me a Bath
     Daniel Donaghy - Conversion
     Jill Neimark - The House That Anne Built
     Juned Subhan - Two Poems
     Karyna McGlynn - If, Next Time, Before I am Born
     Noel Conneely - Two Poems
     Melody Lacina - Three Poems
     David James Callan - Rushes
     Alison Pelegrin - Prodigal
     Ian Strever - Two Poems
     C.C. Russell - Happening
     Christina Pugh - Two Poems
     Richard N. Bentley - Message Inscribed on a Butt Cheek
     Valerie Bandura - Mother Tongue
     Doren Robbins - Two Poems
     Dore Kiesselbach - Errands
     Gillian Freebody - Pushing it Past Empty
     Herberto Helder (Translated by Alexis Levitin) - 
                    Untitled (This savage science of investigating...)
     J.P. Dancing Bear - Gacela of Abundance
     Kate Nuernberger - Two Poems                         

     Darren DeFrain - Angel Dave
     James Hall - Adventures in Old Lady Land*

     Walter B. Levis - The Analysis of a Superhero
     Gary Fincke - Running Through Directions

     John Moore - Soldier

Contributor's Notes

*Our apologies for leaving out footnote #13 in James Hall's "Adventures in Old Lady Land." 
     The note reads as follows:

13.  There is no such thing as "vagina envy" in Freud or Lacan, both of whom argue that the 
lack of penis shapes female subjectivity.  Males are not determined by their lack of vagina.  
Not until high school, at least.

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