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Issue #152: Summer 2005

     Richard Cecil - My Personal Theory of Evolution           
     Joyce James - Two Poems
     Jen Karetnick - Etiquette
     Doretta Wildes - Four Poems
     Benjamin Scott Grossberg - Why God Hated Onan*
     Tara Bray - Two Poems
     Bob Vance - Storm Over Higgins Lake
     Michael Lind - Two Poems
     John Bargowski - Newark Avenue
     Ron Spurga - The Cold Six Thousand
     Robert Parham - Understanding Exchange Rates
     Tara Gorvine - Nostalgia in the Land of Blond Boyfriends
     Melanie Dusseau - Undressing in Front of the Dog
     Cyril Wong - Pure Disappearance
     Patricia Chao - Ode to the Town That Worships Death
     Adam Clay - Two Poems
     Susan Rich - Morning Meditation at the Alki Beach Café
     James Crizer - A Catechism*

     Paul Kaidy Barrows - The Exile
     Rose Jenkins - Centuries
     Blair Oliver - Precious Metals
     David Bajo - The Day the Earth Caught Fire 

     Liza Porter - In Plainview
     Peter Mckee Olds - The Sculptor's Apprentice

     Steve Cartwright - Tinman

Contributor's Notes

*Our apologies to Benjamin Scott Grossberg and James Crizer for the misprint of their poems
in the print edition. The correct versions of both poems appear here in full.

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