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Issue #157: Fall 2006

     Dara Mandle - Still Life with Octopus 
     Steve Fellner - Two Poems
     James Grabill - Tuesdays at Work
     Emily Fragos - Two Poems
     James Doyle - In Cuzco
     Allison Eir Jenks - The Laureate
     Grace Schulman - Six Poems
     Rebecca Dunham - The Eye
     Radames Ortize - Relapse
     Todd Swift - Two Lenses of the Emperor
     C. Wade Bentley - Fortune
     Magda Carneci (translated by Adam J. Sorkin) - 
                    Ana Ipatescu of the Block
     Carter Ratcliff - Three Poems
     Theresa Daniels - Moons of Jupiter
     David Koehn - Denial
     Kim Rogers - Rock Bottom
     Christien Gholson - Two Poems
     Warren Slesinger - Ashes
     Norma Schulman - After the summer solstice,
                     when daylight begins to die
     Benjamin Pryor - Waking to the Dead
     Susan Varnot - The Patience of Hands
     Randall Mann - Politics

     Glen Pourciau - Ring
     Claudia Putnam - White Lilac
     Donald Lystra - Family Way
     Joshua Mohr - it is all right to let go

     Diane Comer - The Far Gaze
     Mark Halliday - The Tipton Awards - A Judge's Chronicle     

     Metin Bereketli - LA LA LA

Contributor's Notes

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