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Issue #158: Winter 2007

     Eric Trethewey - Things
     Susie Meserve - Steps to Get Over
     Jason Koo - "C" is For Cookie
     Julie King - Jerry Lee and I Go to Obedience School
     John Ashbery - To Be Affronted
     Rane Arroyo - Translation Lessons
     Chad Prevost - Following My Calling
     Joanna Osborne - Good Samaritan
     Nate Pritts - Nocturne
     Hilary Sideris - Adult Short Haired Domestic Male
                                  - Custody
                                  - Baby
     Mike White - Forest
                             - Kansas
     Erin Elizabeth Smith - Surviving a Biblical Flood
     Brendan Corcoran - Time After Time Before
     Yvonne Green -  The Èboule (At Home)
     Matthew Gavin Frank - Santa Marta Fifty Miles South
     Tom Chandler - Kaddish for Bob
     Cassie Sparkman - In Your Baby Dream
     Bruce Covey - So you climb
     Bobby C. Rogers - The Mind of the Poet
                                        - Real Estate
     Joshua A. Ware - Infidelity and Repression in the Age
                                         of Mechanical Reproduction
     Tamar Yoseloff - Road
     D.R. Goodman - Living Under Eucalyptus
     E.G. Burrows - The Visitor
                                 - Fish Fry
     Mimi Khalvati - On Lines from Paul Gaugin
                                   - On a Line from Foroogh Farrokhazd
                                   - Ghazal: The Candles of the Chestnut Trees
     Adam Kirsch - Untitled
                                 - Soixante-neuf, annee erotique
     James Byrne - The Ashes
     Yvonne Higgins Leach - Aunt Catherine
     Bertha Rogers - The Future
     Rebecca Wadlinger - Incidents in the Life of My Mother
     Joseph Richie - Self-Proclaimed Mirage
Rosanne Wasserman - Our Lady of Quelques Choses - Local Soul - Learning to Swim in the Ocean Eugene Richie - The Invisible Translator - At Jane and Joe's
Steven Cordova - Punched Fiction Catherine Brady - Those Who Walk During the Day Mark Greenslide - Another Day in the Life AC Lambeth - What You Ask For Non-Fiction Michael Agresta - Homage to Kollasuyu: Looking for Revolution in Evo Morales's Bolivia Clint Van Winkle - Ghosts from Iraq Cover Walter Martin & Paloma Muñoz - "Crossing the Watery Glass," 2004 (Detail) © Walter Martin & Paloma Muñoz, C-Print, 30 x 72 inches, Edition of 6, Courtesy of the artists and P.P.O.W, New York.
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