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Issue #154: Cover Art by Jennefer Sixkiller; Poetry by Paul Benton, Linnea Johnson, Alex Lemon, Julie M. Wade, Mike Dockins, Laura Van Prooyen, Chad Parmenter, John Tranter, Gregory Fraser, Anna Journey, Amy Clark, Philip Fried, Robert Nazarene, Stephanie Smith, Michael Montlack, Matthew Edmund Miller, Paula Bohince, and Theodore Worozbyt; and Fiction by Nathan Leslie, Susan C. Greenfield, Scott Miles, Robert Anthony Siegel, and Charles Haverty.
Issue #153: Photography by Shane Brown; Poetry by Terry Ann Thaxton, Reginald Shepherd, Eva Saulitis, Ben Berman, Jeanne Larsen, Ruth Ellen Kocher, Ethan J. Hon, Joanna Ialuna, Virgil Suárez, Yahia S. Lababidi, Brian Leary, Michael Robins, Adam Chiles, Ayelet Amittay, Denise Bergman, Gretchen Primack, Gaylord Brewer, Susan Lewis, Gillian Parrish, and Anthony Butts; Fiction by Jim Zervanos, Dorene O'Brien, Jay Ponteri, MaryJo Mahoney; and Non-Fiction by CL Bledsoe.
Issue #152: Cover art by Steve Cartwright; Poetry by Richard Cecil, Joyce James, Jen Karetnick, Doretta Wildes, Benjamin Scott Grossberg, Tara Bray, Bob Vance, Michael Lind, John Bargowski, Ron Spurga, Robert Parham, Tara Gorvine, Melanie Dusseau, Cyril Wong, Patricia Chao, Adam Clay, Susan Rich, James Crizer; Fiction by Paul Kaidy Barrows, Rose Jenkins, Blair Oliver, David Bajo; and Non-Fiction by Liza Porter and Peter McKee Olds.
Issue #151: Cover art by Metin Bereketli; Poetry by Jennifer Denrow, Chip Livingston, Richard Lyons, Rodney Wittwer, Alex Grant, Nancy Hall James, Scott Brennan, Sandra Beasley, Bryan Deitrich, Steven Winn, Brent Pallas, Jeanne Larsen, Neil Azevedo, Susan Rich, Beth Thomas, Dennis Saleh, Frank Matagrano, Liz Lynn Miller, Mark Spitzer, Cheryl Gatling, Nate Pritts, William Wright, Bob Robbins, Rebecca Bednarz, Loretta Collins Klobah; Fiction by John Lewter, Jenny Noller, Kelly Daniels; and Non-Fiction bu Neela Vaswani and Sean Thomas Dougherty.

Issue #150: Art by John Moore; Poetry by Brian Turner, Reneé Roehl, Paul Muldoon, Dale M. Kushner, Yvonne Green, Alex Lemon, Susanna Childress, Daniel Donaghy, Jill Neimark, Juned Subhan, Karyna McGlynn, Noel Coneely, Melody Lacina, David James Callan, Alison Pelegrin, Ian Strever, C.C. Russell, Christina Pugh, Richard N. Bentley, Valerie Bandura, Doren Robbins, Dore Kiesselbach, Gillian Freebody, Herberto Helder translated by Alexis Levitin, J.P. Dancing Bear, Kate Neurnberger; Fiction by Walter B. Levis and Gary Fincke; and Non-Fiction by Darren DeFrain and James Hall.

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