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Issue #144: Art by David Dalessandro; Fiction by Al Masarik, Shannon McNamara, Timothy Williams, Greg Oaks; Poetry by Kathy Rooney, William Kupinse, Sharon Leiter, Anne Jennings, Jason Ott, Rebecca Reynolds, Sophia de Mello Breyner Andersen (trans. by Alexis Levitin), Jeffrey Franklin, Shelia Sanderson, Travis Wayne Denton, E.R. Carlin, Lysa James, Rhonda Janzen, Michael Scofield, Robert Wexelblatt, Kyle Thompson; and Non-Fiction by Lisa Knopp and Tim Bradford.


Issue #143: Photography by Shane Brown; Poetry by Susanna Roxman, Jonathan Locke Hart, Karen Rigby, Linda Pennisi; Fiction by Nona Caspers, Linda Woolford, Bill Oliver, Catherine Brady, Richard Mueller; and Non-Fiction by Brewster E. Fitz, Steve Fellner, and Jonathan Ritz.
Issue #142: Photography by Umesh Mallery and Julie McMackin; Poetry by Mary Julia Klimenko, Boyer Rickel, Kim Addonizio, Natania Rosenfeld, Venus Khoury-Ghata, Amy McInnis, David James Callan, Eliot Khalil Wilson, Susan Kolodny, Sharon Doyle, John P. Kristofco, George Bebensee, Pamela Gemin; Fiction by Gary McLouth, Linda Button, Sarah Louise, Matt Dube, Chantel Acevedo; Non-Fiction by Tim Bradford, Kristy Nielsen, Nat Hardy, and Christian Riegel.
Issue #141: Art by Mary Kay Van Sistine; Fiction by Peter Nathaniel Malae, Gary Fincke, Nancy Ludmerer; Non-Fiction by Tom Dvorske; Poetry by Adam Penna, James Harms, Stephanie Ivanoff, Shoshauna Shy, Claire Barbetti, Joyce Hayden, Karen Carissimo, Ben Miller, Gaylord Brewer, Brian Evans, Jacqueline McLean, Travis Prothro, George Eklund, Chip Livingston, Robert Bense, Doug Sanders, William Rushton, David Winwood, Nate Pritts; and Book Reviews by Tim Bradford and Tom Dvorske.
Issue #140: Art by Greg Muller; Poetry by Eran Williams, Doren Robbins, Dorothy Wall, Suzanne Heyd, Brian Henry, Richard Lyons, Gerry LaFemina, Benjamin Scott Grossberg, Emily Rosko, Kevin Gonzalez, Barbara Presnell, Charles Harper Webb, Chris Perkowski, Brian Turner, Bill Sweeney, Christopher Cessac; Fiction by Michael Larkin, Robert Kupitz, Lucinda Coffman; and Non-Fiction by Chad Prevost and Mark Lewandowski.

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