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Issue #139: Art by Breda Euwer; Fiction by Patrick Crerand, Kyoko Yoshida, Robin Bradford, Brian Buckbee; Non-Fiction by David Axelrod and Tom Dvorske; Translations of Carlos de Oliveira by Alexis Levitin; Poetry by Peter Borrebach, Julie Lechevsky, Peter Covino, Philip Dacey, Iris Gomez, Danielle Hanson, Jack Anderson, Holly Prado, James Doyle, Max L. Stephan, Michael Broek, Jennifer Boyden, George Bilgere, Edward Locke, Allyson Wuerth, and Anthony Butts.
Issue #138: Photography by John Carton; Poetry by Jim Daniels, William Kulik, Joann Gardner, Daniel Butterworth, Charles Scott, Kathy Keith, Scott Topper, Jane McClellan, Tom C. Hunley, Daniel Borzutsky, K.E. Duffin, Bill Rector; Fiction by David Ryan, Catherine Brady, Erin Flanagan, Martin Ott; and Non-Fiction by Danielle Ofri, Martin Scott, and Elizabeth Howard.
Issue #137: Art by T. Schroeder; Foreword by Rick Moody; Poetry by Paul Hoover, W.D. Ehrhart, David Ray, Ricky Moody, Richad Spilman, Beth Gylys, Elise Partridge, Jeffrey Kuczmarski, Jim DeWitt, Gaylor Brewer; Fiction by Katie Hays, Brian Buckbee, Scott Landers; and Essays by Junse Kim, Richard O'Mara, Kathryn Hughes, Mark Halliday, and Richard Kostelanetz.
Issue #136: Art by Sean Baybliss; Poetry by Kristen Tracy, Jerome Rothenberg, Mark Jarman, David Dodd Lee, Nancy Naomi Carlson, Lysa James, Elizabeth Rees, Terri K. Borchers, Cindy Nichols, Nin Andrews, Lisa Cooper; Fiction by Eric Puchner, Bayard Godsave, H.M. Patterson; and an Essay by Steve Fellner.
Issue #135: Photography by David Carlson; Foreword by Jerry Williams and Tom Dvorske; Fiction by Stephen Tuttle, Gary Fincke, Erica McLane; Essays by Tacey Rosolowski and Sheila Golburgh Johnson; Paulina Vinderman and Gonzalo Rojas translated by John Oliver Simon; and Poetry by Chad Davidson, Mark Terrill, Terry Ann Thaxton, Kevin Prufer, Jim Murphy, Jill Ahearn, Kevin Sampsell, Nicole Cuddeback, Idra Novey, J.P. White, Patricia Murphy, and Adam Phillips.

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