Andrew Davis has worked with wood for twenty-five years. His first book of poetry to be published, CRAFT, came out in 2000, my second book BATHYSPHERE is due out whenever Lumen gets around to it. I live with the sculptor Dee Homans and our three children, and since 1993 we've split our time between Santa Fe and a small village on the North coast of Spain.

Amalie Flynn

An American Celebrity.

I am an Artificial Satellite an Atomic Bomber this Assault Cannon. The B-52 Bahama Mama a Banshee the Bang Cap all Barracuda. Go Beyond 2000 to Big Bomb Big Sur Super Bizarre. I am a Blazin' Birthday Cake a Blistering Sky Sparkler #8. Here is a Booby Trap gone Breathless that Carnival Cascade #2 Cone. A Cherry Smoke Bomb Chinese New Year D Day. Order a Color Palm Tree a Space Ship or Turbo Jet. Call me Diamond Jubilee or Double Happiness Electric Gun now Ground Blaster. I am your 4th of July Parade all Green Pasture Green Heaven & Blue Hawaii. Welcome to the Garden of Eden to this Hen Laying Eggs a Holiday Shell this Hollywood Night. Hibiscus Mutabiles #22. I am a Hot Shot I am Hot Stuff King Kong this Jumbo Carnival. A Long Rifle a Lucky Bird really just the Mad Hornet Super Tank. Magic Pop Magic Show Master Blaster M 100 Rocket. I am your Night Assault. Your Over the Rainbow your Paradise Parade Violet your Pure Party. This is Satisfaction Scud Buster Shock 10 Shake & Quake. A 6 Shooter a Sky Bonanza Solar Capsule all Spit Fire.

I am a Bicentennial Baby.
I was this Spirit of 76.

Toot & Twirl Tri Color Spray
Tropical Delight the Typhoon
Monsoon Cyclone on repeat.

Here is the War Between the Worlds.

I am a Wasp. Don't set me off.

Paul Guest's poems appear or are forthcoming in Rattapallax, Quarterly West, The Iowa Review, Third Coast, and elsewhere. Email him @ <>

Whit Honea has this to say:

As of today I am 30. I'm living in the San Diego area after spending the last couple of years in Seattle. Prior to that I lived my whole life in Tucson where I attended the Univ. of Arizona as a creative writing major. I am going to be married in May. My work can also be found at the Blue Moon Review website, an upcoming issue, The Story Exchange, and Any free time I have is spent with my dog and a beer.

Kris Ingmundson is a MFA student in the Book Arts program at the University of Alabama; a Leo whose favorite color is pink. Despite what you think this work may reveal about her inner psyche, she considers herself "really quite a normal chick, thank you kindly."

Eugene Thacker <email> teaches technology & culture at Rutgers University, where he directs [techne], a media arts organization. His experimental prose and have been shown/published at: Ars Electronica, Black Ice, Ctheory, _Degenerative Prose_ (ed. Amerika/Sukenick, FC2), Flashpoint, frAme, Leonardo, and Turbulence. He is part of the art group Fakeshop , and part of the editorial collective of AltX Digital Publishing.