T.J. Beitelman:

Green-blue and haunted
By a lack of light and limes

There is the Strudel Man—
Lover of icing-licking,

Chewer of flaky crusts, hater of climes
muggy, and vaunted

for these and other tricks—
who is T. J. Beitelman.

Andrew Bomback lives in New York, where he is a medical student. His stories have recently appeared in Elysian Fields Quarterly, Carve Magazine, and 3 A.M. Magazine. He was a finalist for the 2001 Raymond Carver Short Story Award.

Joshua Britton is currently attending Washington College on the Eastern Shore of Maryland. His poetry can be seen in the upcoming issues of Cider Press Review and Afternoon. Joshua also recently released his first chapbook "There are crickets like ghosts," distributed by why me poetry. He can be reached at <>.

Christine Hamm is a single white female, and a 37 year old Social Worker living in New York City. Christine received an M.A. in Creative Writing 12 years ago, and has had her work published in New York Metropolis, In Posse, Bluffmag, Babes in Toyland Salon, Clean sheets, Kansas Little Literary Review, Ennui Magazine, She-net, and, among others. She has taught creative writing workshops at SUNY-Binghamton, run workshops in New York City, and is the moderator of the Advanced Writers group on Yahoo. She is currently part of two reading series in NYC: Thesaurus Head and Speakeasy. For a small fee, she will wear the rainbow afro wig and toodle Vivaldi on a harmonica at parties, bar mitzvahs, and weddings. More of her work can be seen at <>.

Shannon Holman's living room is Forgiven; her kitchen is Hayride trimmed in Pleasantries. She has poems in the current issues of Crowd and Pierogi Press. Summer vacation photos are here <>. She wonders if she saw what she saw or if she saw what she saw on television.

Medbh McGuckian was born in Belfast in 1950. She continues to try to
"live" there. Many collections from Wake Forest Press including a Selected volume. She is currently running an M.A. Creative Writing course at Queen's University.

Although Wisconsin is his homeland, Bryan Tomasovich now teaches at the University of Puget Sound near Seattle. His project in progress is a series of hypertext poems focused on sustainable production and consumption of noise in America. See his website at: <>.

Paul A. Toth lives in Michigan. His work has appeared in The Barcelona Review, The American Journal of Print, Salon, Pif, and others. His novel Fizz is near completion.

Mark Yakich writes poems and paints pictures. His recent work has appeared in Arts & Letters, Open City, Another Chicago Magazine, and Indiana Review. He was an editorial assistant at Exquisite Corpse and managing editor at River City. He's currently a Ph.D. candidate at Florida State University. Find out more about Mark, his last name, and a Moroccan chicken recipe at <>.

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