Joshua Kryah



Series of coils          group of

Wire a way of warning without words

Through which conversation is induced          come here and talk to me

You who made my mind your home          coinage          raised velum and tongue

The consonants formed          (p,b,t,d,k,g)           pausing

A finger pressed against your lips          tho no continuant

First there's          and then

We must keep up our various ends

Without each other          we tear at each other

Passing it back and forth


When I play upon my forte, knees wobble, dust clears, and the behemoth strides out. Like the red outline of beginning Adam as he emerged from Paradise, it fills in with gradual deliberation, fastened to the nascent body. Enormous obelisk, all wrecking and lawless, the psyche staggers to and fro across the city's parapet. Below, in its shadow, the crowd believes in nothing now but its own disbelief. They are watching for a comeuppance.