Terence Huber



We together empty the design
Tattoos continue

Splaying gardens

And these hatched eggs in hedges

Borders trampled flowers

—Speaks only to the money

You are without



Money our meek adjustments
You need the animal slowing

Spending green

Like breathing

In hedges          In gardens

Hedging slow

Writing that makes green money
Panthers on the pulse a way to vanish



"Applying Tattoos" helps me to think about what happens to the image at the end of Rilke's poem, its disappearance and all of its other translations. And yet I am without? For a few years now I have tried to think about the image of the disappearance of money and the way it moves; I have wanted in my writing, and in my current manuscript, Switches Hands, to find a proper appreciation for money—Sometimes I add coins to my poems and sometimes, as with this poem, the green was within reaches.

P.S. Howstuffworks.com offers "Care for Your New Tattoo(s)."