Scott Zieher


And thus the four walls of home were done
Just so, with no windows and no door yet
And this, like a blank page, became them

Then they cut the jambs through a thick wall
With a hammer they made their eastern way
Together. Their flickering afforded floatlight

To all four corners. A very big hole they carved
In the middle of the western wall. A window
To the north was what they needed next.

And so the hammer was heavy for their small idea
And thus they took to fists and a good, strong awl.
It was Chalk Sunday but they were in Mexico.

And blessed by the opposites of wall and hole, fence
And gate, door and way, they proceeded to and fro
By dint of understanding their simple domestic limit.



"Grand Air and Dust" is a riff on the early days of Robert Motherwell in Mexico with his new wife Helen Frankenthaler.