from the "Conversation for Exploration: A Talk Show Hosted by Laura Lee" [website]


March 15, 1998. One night, the top of levitation came up on the radio show, and we talked about those eyewitness accounts of monks in ecstatic trance floating up near the ceiling. I mentioned that when I was 12 years old, I attended a slumber party in which we played a game in which we didn’t levitate, but managed to lift one another up in an usual way. The game went like this: Turns are taken so each can experience being the "Liftee." The designated Liftee lies on the floor, face up, arms by side. The other girls, the "Lifters," form lines on both sides of the Liftee, kneeling, and placing their hands under her body. There was some sort of preamble, the details of which I have forgotten. And then, on the count of three, using just two fingers of each hand to support the Liftee, the Lifters raised their arms in unison, and up went the Liftee, feeling quite light. What’s more, the Liftee's body stayed quite stiff and straight while hoisted in the air.

Text and image reprinted with permission.