Derek Pollard


I don't think I've even seen a John Cassavetes film
Despite the fact that I love Peter Falk

Today is the 4th of July
And the country is drunk, on tenterhooks

It is no different in Kalamazoo
Where the rain came all in a burst last night
Filling the empty beer bottles and damping the fuses of the unlit fireworks

Isn't there enough excitement without all the new noise?
What of the first raspberries picked and eaten yesterday morning
The squirrel we saw tumbled beneath the tires of a squad car speeding through the neighborhood
Your period
The green, green fullness of the grass and the trees?

The war is a war we all fight and is near—how to love in the midst of tumult
Everything else is meaningless tribunal
We either take up arms or we don't
That is our life
Even though the choosing is feigned and the war is a dream we return to in vain each night
In the hope of screwing this star or that, having our names up in lights, the world at our feet

Is this the way it started, John Cassavetes? Is anything changed?